The Dream 

100wellwishes-logo_finalIt was two weeks until Oct. 1 – National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Two individuals wanted to bring one idea to life. This idea, they envisioned, would help spread positivity through words of encouragement. In short, here it was:

The idea: generate 100 “Well Wish” videos via Facebook for a particular person going through breast cancer treatments. 

Bringing this to life involved meetings, brainstorming sessions, outreach tactics, filming, production, design, content and social posts involving every single member of the Obu team. Together, we became inspired to continue.

In our perfect Obu world, we dreamed the campaign would gain traction and go “viral,” perhaps as fast as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge had only a month earlier. If people across the country were willing to take videos of themselves dumping buckets of ice water on their head for a good cause, wouldn’t they do something similar (and less chilling) for a woman in need of encouragement?

“But at the end of October, we didn’t reach 100. Did we fail?!” Absolutely not. Heartfelt videos poured in from San Diego, California to Sydney, Australia. Through road bumps and challenges, what mattered at the end of the day was the difference we did make. Whether you are a marketing professional, legal expert or other knowledge seeker, I hope our adventure can spark some useful insight so that YOU can make a successful difference on your own. 

To get an overall sense of these heartfelt well-wish videos, skip to 0:33 in our highlight video below. This was specifically made for Angel McIlwain, a breast cancer fighter from Ohio.

Preparation for Take Off – Detailing the Action Plan

“The achievements of an organization are the result of the combined effort of each individual.” – Vince Lombardi

Vince preaches the truth. Gears were turned up and minds were put in motion. As soon as our six law firm clients were on board, internal meetings took off like a golf ball hit with Thor’s hammer. We detailed what needed to be done, and we were focused on our October launch date.

In addition to our overarching goal of getting 100 videos made for a breast cancer fighter throughout October, we had smaller, subsequent goals of improving SEO through social signals for our six law firm client sites who we wanted to sponsor each fighter. Recently, Searchmetrics analyzed the search results for 10,000 keywords. From this, a correlation of the top 30 ranking-factors were broken down. The top half of their chart proved that social signals (share, comments and likes of Facebook, tweets, etc.) did indeed play an overall role in ranking. We hoped the engagement from these posts would improve search engine rankings.

The following action items were broken down and built upon:

  1. Find six women fighting breast cancer who were already public about their battle and wouldn’t mind being in the spotlight to receive these well wishes:
    • Sarah Kurtz

      Sarah Kurtz

      GoFundMe, a crowd-funding website, proved to be the best platform to find these fighters in each of the law firm’s local cities. We wanted to keep the “well wishes” local and coming from others living around that fighter. Linked below are the six amazing fighters we contacted from across the country.  

      • Sarah Kurtz 

      • Yvonne Dick 
      • Karen Costello-Buck 
      • Angel McIlwain
      • Cherie Diggs
      • Debbie Brodka 
  2. 100 Well Wishes brand:
    • 100wellwishes logoLogo/brand identity:
      • Our team chose from six different options that Derrick, our creative director, designed. The pink was representative of the breast cancer ribbon color, while the #100WellWishes text clearly defined our campaign name and goal.
    • Domain purchase and website design:
      • We purchased Derrick crafted a clean and clear design incorporating four main features: an instructional video, a social feed with the hashtag #100wellwishes, the teams and our law firm sponsors in the footer.
    • 100WellWishesSocial media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube):
  3. An instructional video for the campaign:
    • With the help of everyone at Obu, we brought this detailed instructional video to life. We incorporated examples of how people wished others well (with a friend, by themselves, outside on a bench, on their computer at home, etc.), and what our goal for the campaign was throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
  4. A sub-page on each of the six law firm websites incorporating the #100WellWishes brand:

    100WellWishes  TeamSarah   Sarah Kurtz 100 Well Wishes sponsored by Fried  Rogers  Goldberg  LLC

    Sarah Kurtz – 100 Well Wishes content – Fried Rogers Goldberg’s sponsor

  5. Barron & Berry
  6. Fried Rogers Goldberg 
  7. Oshman & Mirisola 
  8. Plevin & Gallucci
  9. Brain Injury Law Center 
  10. Robinson, Calcagnie, Robinson, et al 
  11. Two paid Facebook posts per client to help with local promotion and 100 Well Wishes’ identity:
    • Brain Injury Law Center_post examplePost #1: One image with content that linked to each law firm landing page describing 100 Well Wishes:
      • We targeted females ages 25-45 on Facebook who had an interest in breast cancer.
      • The target audience had to be within a 50-mile radius of the law firm.
    • Post #2: One post that contained only the instructional video:
      • We wanted users to have access to the video, which explained the campaign in more detail, without having to navigate away from Facebook. By keeping users on the page, we hoped to retain attention and increase participation.
  12. Six new Facebook cover photos for each law firm page:
    • We made a cover photo that incorporated simply the team name (e.g. #TeamKaren) and the #100WellWishes logo.
    • Note: We left blank space throughout the bottom left portion when designing to account for the profile picture and description when uploaded.
  13. Content:
    • Stories about each of the six breast cancer fighters:
      • Through email and the GoFundMe pages we were able to write a short story about each fighter. These could be found on the individual 100WellWishes landing pages, as well as on 
    • Landing pages and website:
      • We incorporated instructions on, the landing pages, Facebook promoted posts and social media pages. This alleviated any confusion about how to participate, helping us reach our overall goal. 

100WellWishes  TeamAngel   Angel McIlwain 100 Well Wishes sponsored by Plevin and Gallucci

100WellWishes preparation - luxi choi and lauren fitzpatrick

Me and Luxi on launch day

On Thursday, Oct. 2, we went full throttle and launched each of the paid Facebook post ads – our main source of outreach at the time. Coincidentally, the timing went hand-in-hand with our bi-annual Obu outing, in which we launched direc