The holidays can be a wonderful, yet hectic time.  School plays, special presents and trying to line up the parties with religious holidays are difficult to manage. Oh, and it’s dark by 5pm.

Then there is the scramble for the holiday card, and just trying to get it to arrive in December is a feat.  We often have to tread carefully when it comes to shouting on a card “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy Hanukkah!” It can take away some of the fun for fear of not being respectful.

But there is one amazing holiday that every American shares: Thanksgiving. A time for family, friends and my favorite Jewish noodle dish, Kugel! It’s a 4-day weekend to see old friends, stay warm and making the most of a busy airport.

Here is the big BONUS: professionally, this is a low-cost opportunity to send a warm hello to all your clients and those on your contact list. You can leverage this chance to have your card be the first to arrive. It will stay around longer and get more “impressions,” as we like to say in this industry.

You can also use the opportunity to give a few holiday safety tips – yup, moms totally love those!

Here’s a quick few from the Obu crew:

  1. An awareness of food-borne illnesses and cross-contamination. Turkeys are poultry, and when not cooked and stored properly poultry = poison. Meat may be left out too long, creating a danger to anyone who consumes it later.  Here are tips on thawing and storing your turkey.
  2. Equipment not working properly. From the thermometer to the oven itself, often this can be a surprise on the big morning when you start cooking.  A good plan always includes a test several days prior…and I encourage an inventory on the wine fridge too! 🙂
  3. Kids in the house. Know how to protect the little ones from knives, electrical cords and any dangers on the floor. Little hands love those handles!LittleHands
  4. Protecting pets who may love a taste of pumpkin pie. A little too much can make for an upset stomach or something much worse, like pancreatitis.
  5. It’s a good time to check smoke alarms, carbon monoxide sensors and consider if any candles need replacing.
  6. For the travelers, consider how to prepare your house so it remains safe and isn’t targeted by burglars in your absence. Don’t post on Facebook you’ll be out of town all weekend!

Want to have something special designed for your holiday card this year? Go to Design Crowd and get a great design for cheap.

Hope this helps to manage your upcoming holiday season!  If you have a great idea, please share it below in the comments!  



And one more thing – If you are sending out more than 100 cards, consider scanning the signatures into the digital file to print your cards.  Leave a top space inside blank so the option of sending a personal message can be included.

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