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Here are quick FAQS for those of you looking for AAJ-related information.

Are the meetings at JW Marriott or LA Convention Center?

Meetings are split between both the JW and LACC.

The distance between the hotels and the LACC is not far, however, everyone is bound to do a lot of walking.

Tip: It is hot today and consider sunscreen.

Where is Registration?

If you are looking for Registration, the Leader’s Forum and President’s Club Suite or the Exhibit Hall, these are all located in the J.W. Marriott. Take the escalators up behind the main downstairs bar – go down the long hallway about 100 yards.

And where is Starbucks?!

We feel ya. There is a location across from the Microsoft Theater. Regular coffee is served in the exhibit hall, and there is a barista bar in the lobby of the JW.

Tip: Obu is giving away Starbucks cards. Swing by their booth, say hi, and your ‘Bucks is free!

Where is the Opening Reception on Friday?

It is at LA Live and connected to the convention center, where you can also find the Ritz-Carleton Spa, a Fleming’s, Katsuya (mmm, sushi), or here is a list of all places to eat.

But I thought the big LA Live party was Saturday?

Correct you are! This private, invitation-only function is held at the Grammy Museum up on Target Terrace. It’s the one with High Impact, Counsel Financial, Robson Forensic, Plaintiff Support and Obu Interactive. If you would like to pick on invite stop by the booth of one of the aforementioned companies.

Is there a SoulCycle near by?

Odd question, but this is LA’s culture and you feel great in 45 minutes.  SoulCycle is just a few blocks away. Let’s sweat it out from the night before – here is the schedule.

When and Where is NLD Party?

It’s on Saturday at Belasco Theatre and the doors open around 9pm and it is 80’s themed. The venue is about 8 blocks away from the convention.

Splurge a little for NLD and pick up some VIP wristbands or a table with bottle service.

One word: Tacos

Let’s brush up your the Spanish and remember to order an extra for a friend.

Guisados – here is a link on Google Maps and it’s open til 1:30am.

Where is Obu Interactive?

Hugely popular question! Obu has booth #408 in the exhibit hall, but we are usually spread around the convention auditing seminars or meeting with clients. You can call Landon Harlan at 619-807-9654 and we can meet up!

What else is there to do in LA (aka La La Land)???

Just make sure your phone has plenty of juice and anything is possible.


PS: Downtown LA is not known to be the safest place in the world, please be careful.

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