This is kind of old news that slipped through the cracks in the wake of the Boston attack, but I thought it was a proper Monday morning tidbit to start the week. What’s better, it’s a post that keeps general tabs on a macro metric: volume of search. April 12th’s numbers stated that desktop searches were reported to break 20 billion searches in March. 

This is a sorta big deal because it means there are still significantly more people turning to the web to start their journey to find information. Now, how many of those searches are someone searching for “Facebook” to get to the log-in screen, or some kind of other jab at the statistic’s integrity? I’m not sure, but it’s probably nominal and, instead, desktop search traffic is up! As an added bonus, this doesn’t include mobile, which accounts for 25% of search previously, and is expected to comprise 1 in 3 searches by the end of 2013, according to this SEO gigolo.

Bottom line: More searching, more frequently. Heck yea.

Also, Google slipped a few fractions of a point and Yahoo and Bing increased. But the big G is still the Gorilla with more than 67% of all searches, according to comScore.

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