Is your office desk the size of one from days of grade school that you had to squeeze into? Of course not. You need room for all the elements necessary for day to day operation. Room for your computer equipment, notepad, files, books and other reference material. Maybe you are saying to yourself, all of those materials are on my computer…

…we’ll then this post is DEFINITELY meant for you.

Even if you only spend a limited amount of time in front of the computer, there is a way to make the most of that time. The case for using dual monitors and the popularity of it is growing fast. Many web designers and engineers are now operating on two or more monitors. Stock analysts and hedge fund companies often have three or more (sometimes six or more) at their work areas.

There are only so many hours in the day, and improving your efficiency can be dramatic with the addition of a monitor.

CASE IN POINT – Recently we were creating a Power Point (PP) presentation. The content to be used for the PP was on the left monitor, while the PP program itself was open on the right. Drag and drop the content. Read on the left, and write on the right. This resulted in less time minimizing and maximizing window screens. After two hours of creation, a conservative time-sanvings estimate would have been 15 minutes. In 3 months it paid for itself.

Performance Requirement – You can hook up another monitor to just about any current computer as long as the video card can support it. If you are using a laptop, you may require an upgraded video card and typically a docking station. Cost should be around $200. Any flat screen will work, but you could get a high resolution 22″ monitor for less than $300. If you don’t want to upgrade your laptop the Triton monitor adapter is a fantastic $80 option.

Obu has real world experience with dual monitors and that is why every workstation has this setup.

Imagine if the chef at your favorite restaurant used only 1 burner.

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