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Southern California’s sunny weather, safe suburbs, and high median income makes this a great place to have a dog. Add in the tech-savviness of most California dog owners, and its crucial to have a major web presence if you’re business is dog training.

“I’ve been training dogs for over 15 years, and my website looked like it was designed the day I trained my first dog all those years ago. And, for many years, it got the job done. Then I started to find more and more people would contact me on the web, and I started to wonder, how many are not contacting me from the web? Obu came in for a meeting and to tour the facility. Their team viewed my pay per click and search engine optimization strategies, and we discussed a few strategies that made sense to me and who my clients are. As we got into the 3rd month I started to see measurable and significant gains. I was busy, the phone was ringing, and each month I would get a report on how many emails or calls I received, and how much those cost me; it was monthly report of my return on investment for internet advertising. I’m repeatedly impressed with Obu’s design, but I really like how I can have a meeting with them in the morning, and in the afternoon many of the changes discussed are done and done right.” Mike Stone, CEO – Absolute K-9 & Snug Pet Resort


Everyone seems to love “man’s best friend,” unless of course it’s a best friend with a behavior problem! From biting and barking, to house soiling and an an overall lack of manners, Absolute K-9 is one of the country’s premier pet boarding facility that remedies these problems for dogs of all breeds. Mike Stone, the founder of Absolute K-9 teamed with Snug Pet Resort co-owner LaDanian Tomlinson to create a world class pet facility that included daycare, veterinary, overnight care, and dog training.

Absolute K-9′s original website had great credibility, and Mike Stone had won many elite Schutzhund competitions, but the website’s design was dated and not built to accommodate the latest search engine guidelines. The navigation was prominent on the page, however the pages you were taken to were not necessarily the most important ones. Overall, the site did not represent Absolute K-9′s facilities, experience, or their staff.


Step One, take a look at what months of Pay Per Click data will show us. Pay Per Click offers incredible testing abilities and loads of data to make decisions with. With some tweaks to the Google Pay Per Click accounts (and addition of Yahoo and MSN accounts) the cost per click was decreased, and the number of contacts increased. The data showed a rise and fall during particular months, also alerting us that dog training may be somewhat season, or impacted by holidays. While intermittent fluctuations did occur, the spike in traffic when Marley & Me hit theaters was a lesson in following what’s mainstream – right now.

The latest edition of the Absolute K-9 & Snug Pet Resort campaign includes fresh website designs, search engine optimization, blogging for related training and topics regarding you pet, landing pages for Pay Per Click marketing, and monthly updates to Training Specials.

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