We know times are getting tough, and many businesses are struggling to compete let alone stay afloat. When used effectively, technology can greatly reduce expenses and lift profits, and it doesn’t require off-shoring your needs (and U.S. dollars) to another country – that won’t help.

Today we received a call from a California-based small business that is struggling to make ends meet. Lay offs have already been done, and the cost of keeping the website live was about to get the axe. But after reviewing the site, and asking a few questions about the leased shopping cart, and its “highway robbery” hosting plan, we found a solution to help the business keep its website online for less than $10 a month. No billing from Obu Interactive needed, just FREE advice from one business to another.

We made this our blog topic for today as the U.S. is in one of the most volatile financial times in history. Before it’s all over there are going to be significant changes – but we will recover and that’s what our country is best at. We help our friends and neighbors, and going the extra mile for eachother in times of need is how we will succeed together. For this reason we invite any company to give us a call that is facing tough times and needs to make sure their “basic” web-services remain in operation. Toll Free – 800-619-5944 x.201

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