1. noun. (slang) someone or something that stops people from enjoying themselves

Be honest. Are you a buzzkill? Maybe you are and don’t know it.

Your firm’s Internet presence is one of the most important factors of your marketing strategy. People are getting their information online now more than ever to make decisions. You may already have a killer website and set up your social media profiles, but are you that wallflower no one notices? Or that awkward guest that no one wants to talk to you because what you have to offer (or how you’re presenting it) is dry and boring?

How to Avoid Being a Buzzkill Online

If you have updated your website and social networks recently, nothing is worse than losing the momentum that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Why put in the effort, if it’s all just going to go to waste later? In today’s “of the moment” society, mismanaging your online presence will not only kill your buzz; it will leave you uninvited to the party altogether.

You might be thinking, I don’t want this to happen to me! Who does? Fortunately, there are some tips to keep in mind so that you can avoid a negative reaction – or worse – from your audience when they interact with your firm.

Tip #1: Act Like You Care

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make online is creating a great website, optimizing their social media channels and then…crickets. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. They don’t take time to update their blog or make sure their site is loading properly. They don’t respond to people who engage with them on Facebook and Twitter, let alone think about a social media strategy.

No one likes talking to dead air, and not updating your brand can leave people feeling lonely and wanting to find a new friend. Like one of your competitors.

Tip #2: Take Pride in Your (Online) Appearance

How to set up a website: Buy a URL. Write some content. Add a few images. There you have it. However, if you take this rookie 1-2-3 approach to your online presence, then you’re missing the essential ingredient necessary to encourage better rankings and make your site more user-friendly: quality.

An ugly website with dated graphics or misspellings and typos is not attractive. People will not enjoy looking at a site like that. They will cringe and then quickly look elsewhere for what they need. You want a website that is representative of the quality of your firm. If you put a half-hearted effort into it, it’ll be obvious to your audience.

Tip #3: Don’t Be a Bore

Depending on the nature of your business, there are more entertaining parts than others. We’re in the marketing field; we get it. We know hardly any of our clients want to hear about CPC, directories and bounce rates all day.

While you might be proud of what your firm has to offer, as you should, talking about it ad nauseum is a quick way to get people to click off your site and onto something more appealing. It’s like being cornered at a party by someone snoozeworthy with nowhere to turn.

Be informational. Be accurate. Just don’t put people to sleep.

Tip #4: Be a Trendsetter

In the marketing world, we’re all about the trends. Whether you’re talking about social, search or some hybrid of the two, the industry is constantly changing and we make it our business to be ahead of the game.

We know how to keep the conversation going and you should, too. It’s up to you be an expert in your field, but how credible will you be perceived if no one’s heard of you or can find you online? Think of every person that visits your website in the same way as a potential client walking through your office door. What are you going to be able to offer them that no one else can? What sets you apart and ahead of your competition?

In order to have success online, it takes a lot of moving parts all coordinating with one another. When one area suffers, the rest will surely follow.

It’s not enough to show up to the party. You have to make your presence known and keep the energy buzzing.

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