iStock_000017311306_XXXLargeSummer is now officially here. I’m sure many things come to mind: longer days, BBQs, beaches and bonfires. If you have children, you may be thinking: no school, outside activities, summer camps, and yes, even sunburns.

If any of those rang a bell, they are sure to resonate with your clients as well. It is key to create a marketing strategy that your readers will relate to specifically and personally. Hitting on points that are more common during certain seasons is a great way to stay top of mind. I’m sure many of you wrote about ice-covered roads and auto accidents during the winter. Well, now it’s time to create your summer marketing strategy.

As always, when you publish content you want it to be:

  1. Relevant
  2. Timely
  3. Informative

Below I will share with you 10 different blog topics that will hit each of those three points and relate to your reader during this sunny season.

Stay Relevant with Summer Safety Tips

Before we jump into the topics, a few points to consider as you tailor your marketing strategy for the summer months. During this time, most schools will be out, vacations will be taken, camps will be attended and (hopefully) children will be outside playing instead of sitting inside on their iPads. With all of these activities, there are injuries or accidents that are more common than they may be during other times of the year. This provides you with the opportunity to share information directly related to these activities. Again, be relevant, timely, and informative.

The following blog post ideas are meant to be “preventive” blog posts. Meaning, that you are able to share quality content informing people how to not only decrease the chances of one of these accidents happening, but also what to do if someone does finds themselves in the situation.

  1. Swimming pool accidents
  2. Beach accidents
  3. Motorcycle accidents
  4. Campfire/BBQ accidents
  5. Bike/Scooter accidents
  6. Summer camp injuries
  7. Heat stroke
  8. Trampoline accidents
  9. Playground accidents
  10. Boating accidents

It’s All About Brand Awareness

Let’s be honest: as a law firm you need to find creative ways to relate to your community and grow your brand. Posting sharable and informative content is the best way to increase brand awareness — which, of course, helps improve your ranking in search engines. As with all marketing strategies, you want to increase the number of high-potential client prospects coming to your site. The summer marketing strategy and topics listed above are a great way to do that. If the topics seem too broad, add a layer on how they may only affect children. Content that promotes child safety is easy to share and often picked up and disseminated by parents, especially mothers.

So this evening, if any of the topics above stood out because you had a similar case — or if you have any interesting to contribute — whip out that laptop and start writing about it. Summer blog topics can often be considered “evergreen” content that can be used and updated every summer or, depending where you live in the U.S., it might just be relevant all year long.

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