Who is Milberg?

Milberg LLP, a New York-based shareholder/consumer litigation law firm founded in 1965, represents victims of financial fraud or irresponsible investing. The firm’s impressive nearly forty year record of helping recover unprecedented losses is heightened by their incomparable approach. Milberg employs twelve investigators and forensic accountants that support a wide range of complex litigation prosecutions.


Exposing financial fraud and successfully combating fraudulent behavior requires an intense level of experience, scrutiny, and discretion. Milberg LLP’s ground-breaking history of plaintiff advocacy in this area dates back to the 1970’s, when Milberg’s assistance lead to a $50 million dollar recovery in the nation’s then largest class action suit.


Consumers and investors have no better protectorate than Milberg, LLP. To convey this, the Firm aimed to create a website profiling its 12-member investigative team made up of investigators and forensic accountants to leverage their global reach and accomplishments for new business.

The team’s background includes previous careers with the FBI, NYPD, Manhattan District Attorney’s office, OSHA, Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners. Their unique two-tiered approach to investigations yields some of the nation’s largest recoveries against corporate wrongdoers to this day and warranted the effort by the Firm to profile the investigative team with a website dedicated to their specific role at Milberg LLP.


Milberg LLP hired Obu Interactive to create a Flash and video enabled-website that would profile the entire team as individuals, their collective experience and the global results achieved with the legal team.

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