With blog topics ranging from Gouda cheese to 427 cubic inch rebuilds, its best to find one specific to your interests or needs. Many say it is essential for bloggers to have a specific focus on all posts, but we disagree with those monkeys.

We’ll focus on our products and our clients , but our blog will cover just about whatever we feel is worth sharing.  We promise to deliver blog posts that are interesting and relevant to technology, web 2.0+, culture and the environment. Wordy, extensive blogs, brimming with content for search engines are not of much interest to us. We’ve come to terms with the fact that Obu’s year-end sales are not going to jump 300% from 6 posts a week on Search Engine Optimization .

Our blog is a place to keep our clients and friends informed. It is NOT a place to copy other companies and rearrange the topic to appearing as our own. We believe you as a reader could pick that up immediately.

Our posts will follow these guidelines:

  • Keep it short
  • Keep it simple

And if we can’t make the post fun then we’ll at least follow it up with a picture Paris Hilton stuffing her face (with food)… OR video of Israeli Defense Forces making urban counter-terrorism responses with Merkava battle tanks.  Either way, we hope to make each post a good time!

So new friend, please enjoy, and blare back, we listen.

The Obu Team

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