The mindset of the internet user is that they are in control.  They are anonymous, and they are not committed to any website, video, or power point presentation.  At all times the internet user decides what happens next. If they don’t like what they see, there is the “back” or “X” (close) button.

As a marketing company, 95% of the time our job is to not only get the user to the website, but to also motivate the person to contact the website.  It is our job to get the “conversion.”  Here is a simple example of Obama’s marketing team using an engaging call-to-action in a banner featured on a page of


Take a moment to look at those words.

They feel good just to look at, right?

It doesn’t say:

  • “Sign Up Now”
  • “Donate Here”
  • “Register With Us”
  • “Learn More”

And all those call-to-actions are what the user will eventually encounter.

The “join us” call-to-action makes you feel like part of the movement.  It’s emotionally connecting by giving each user the feeling of taking a step to being a part of progress, and that makes each person feel important – an innate need in all of us.

So the next time you are putting together a contact form or banner, don’t forget about that often overlooked, most important button, and ask yourself if you as a user would want to “submit” to the website.

Here is a wonderful post about call-to-actions; where to place them, colors to consider, and words that work.

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