Maybe you’re the type of person who arrives at a design and your inner voice says “this site kinda kicks butt.” It loaded fast, was easy to read, and you soon confirmed that this design wasn’t just created, but crafted. It was well thought out, clearly wire-framed, and the team who put it together is proud of their work.

It may be a site for tourism in Arkansas, crowdfunding, or a new Moroccan restaurant – it doesn’t matter.  You immediately spotted the balance of the text, font selection, colors, mobile touch-navigation and quick load time. If that’s you then we have something in common, maybe more.

What’s the Deal?

There are millions and millions of human beings that spent a great deal of time going back to school to study the laws of this country. Yes, we’re talking about lawyers. And at Obu Interactive, that’s pretty much the only people we work with. Why? Because the industry of Law is distinctly unique and we intend to be the best. Most people don’t want a lawyer; they need a lawyer. The want versus the need is a fundamental difference to a strategy.

This is the root of a marketing challenge, a challenge we accept.

We want avocados, stand up paddle boards, and free lift tickets. However, when someone typically needs a lawyer, they have found themselves in a difficult place. They could be hurt (Personal injury), might have made a mistake (Criminal law), or things aren’t going well at home (Family law).

There are many nuances to Law and the legal practice, but the aforementioned are the top three Obu Interactive targets. And while lawyers get a hard rap (and sure there are a few bad apples in any industry), our clients are good, hard-working people from around the U.S., who like to come by for a beer when escaping the blistering cold of January in Chicago, or a 100 degree July day in Dallas.

Hey, we can’t blame them.

How Would You Help?

Research shows that 75% of individuals in need of a lawyer will typically visit between 5-7 websites before making a selection(s) of which one to contact. Their “journey” to finding a lawyer is one that requires exemplary design. Thoughtful creative that means the lead designer is considering the balance, font, colors, contrast, and experience the user will have, whether they navigate with a mouse or their finger.

The goal is simple: to generate a conversion or contact to the law firm. The process is the challenge. It requires collaboration between the Content, Analytics, and the Marketing teams; open discussion and proactive communication, with suggestions and consideration of a teammate’s idea; and leadership to filter opinions so the best ideas are clear and are delivered on time and within scope.

It’s our hope that you obsess about mobile marketing, love a site that loads quickly, and again, posess an inner voice that says “ooo, I dig that” when you see a new feature we should consider testing.

You must be able to design and build. It’s imperative to understand the challenges and features desired for a project. If you disagree, tell us why. We keep a motto to “never defend a stupid rule,” but so far we have found that an individual who understands both helps us achieve a goal together.

Why Should I Choose Obu?

We know that each month literally thousands of individuals and families rely on what we present on behalf of our clients. Accuracy and persuasiveness marry in our products. We do what is necessary to be helpful and thorough, while reassuring people that things will be okay. Our clients are the upper-echelon of lawyers and law firms, often who hold leadership positions, or are sought after by the media – we don’t accept projects from just any law firm.

At Obu Interactive, we believe that mediocrity is pointless. We’re not saying you have to be “passionate” about an Atlanta lawyer’s website, but your best work is reflective of the team’s collaboration. The site and all features must function remarkably, and read like each statement and sentence matters.

Together as a crew, that is what we expect from each other.

While on this important topic, you need to be a proactive communicator. We don’t appreciate and will not tolerate anyone who undercuts a member of the crew, and hides behind Jira/Slack/Email messages. We work together as a team because we each believe in personal accountability. Bottom line: don’t be a jerk, just improve your argument and it will be heard.

You will find more compensation details below. Since you’ve made it this far we wanted to share a few benefits that are included:

  • 100% paid Health, Dental, Vision insurance
  • Flex-time & Work From Home
  • Competitive PTO plans + 5 days Paid Sick Leave
  • And more we can discuss

How Do I Apply?

If you like what you’ve read and want to chat about joining Obu’s team, send us a message in a cover letter and a resume of your work history, a few projects of your design, and salary requirements. Also, show us a few blogs and sites you like, and how you intend to fulfill your personal achievements in the next 12-24 months. If you wish, include a picture of yourself on a recent or most favorite trip.

Send your email to and include “2017 Designer / Front-End Dev” in the subject line. We’re looking for an individual who can lead our creative design brand, our client’s brands, and is as eager to jump into 2017 as we are.


  • Experienced using Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.)
  • Collaborates well with PM, Engineering, and Design
  • Front End Development – Responsive design is required
  • Experience developing for WordPress
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, GIT

Preferred skills and experience:

  • User Research
  • Sketching
  • Flowcharts
  • Storyboards
  • Wireframes: Sketch or Illustrator
  • Prototyping: Invision, Code
  • Visual Design/Style Guides
  • Motion Design
  • Lead design reviews with clients and/or team
  • Whiteboarding sessions
  • Project management of simultaneous project

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