Case Study: The Feel Good Project

4 Walls International

“Pro Bono” is a term that more companies and cultures should embrace. And as it just so happens, there are two companies that members of Team Obu met and believed in, so we took it upon ourselves to help each of these great initiatives get started. This is one of them.

Headquarters: San Diego, CA
Partnered with in: 2010

The Feel Good Project

Upon entering the room, you can’t help but find the fine gentlemen of 4 Wall International endearing and have a natural desire to support them. Working south of the U.S./Mexico border — get this — they build homes out of trash! Homes for people they don’t know. Out of tires, plastic and glass bottles, and they gather sustainable trash from areas most of us would never dream of going near.

When 4 Walls needed a website to help kick their initiative into full gear in 2010, Obu gladly delivered. The site has since been replaced with a more simple, responsive format, but nonetheless, the site helped catapult 4 Walls to the next level they needed.

“In 2012 we were presenting to a board federal officials to hopefully win a grant to build sustainable homes and a park in one of Mexico’s many poor communities. Several companies were there to try to earn the 1.2 million pesos (approx. $80,000 USD) for the project. When our website came up on screen, you could see the decision-makers were impressed. We won the grant that day, and I truly believe that website built by Obu Interactive had something to do with it. Muchas gracias for all the support over the years.”
– Steve Wright, Co-Founder