Case Study: Making a Hero Thru Helmets

Brain Injury Law Center

If you were to ask Stephen Smith what he does, he would likely (and quite quickly) reply “I work in product failures that result in a head injury.” From dangerous sidewalks to big-rig accidents and anesthesia errors, if the brain is affected, Stephen and his team are known nationwide.

Location: Hampton Roads, Virginia
Geo-Target: Virginia and National
Hired Obu in: 2009

Making a Hero Thru Helmets

Competition for brain injury searches on Google is significant. From government-provided traumatic brain injury resources to long-standing organizations and law firms, entering the “red ocean” market requires a creative approach to build valuable SEO links as well as a sustainable community to generate future cases.

Helmet 4 Kids Program

The Helmet 4 Kids Program was launched in 2009 during a time when many American families were experiencing tough financial realities. Stephen Smith’s initiative was to offer anyone under the age of 18 the opportunity to receive a free bicycle helmet anywhere in the country (the program was later narrowed to Virginia).

The initiative created took off in social media and the “mommy” community. Mothers from around the country shared the offering, posting to blogs about safety and brain injuries. The incoming links were relevant, unique and sustainable. They were naturally created and not owned by a web marketing company that might send expensive monthly invoices.

Winning Numbers:

  •  When we began in 2009, total brain injury-related traffic was just under 1,000 users per month. In 2015, we nearly hit 10,000 users per month!

More timely, the Brain Injury Law Center’s website was upgraded to a responsive site, improving benefits for mobile placement and expanding into subsections on comas. At this time, BILC’s traffic was hovering around 5,000 users per month. It was in the past year that it reached its peak in February of this year with 9,976 visitors, with a monthly average of 8,200+ visits.

“I can say without reservation that Obu Interactive are effective at what they do, and have kept my firm competitive by remaining aware, and acting upon, best practices in their field.” — Stephen M. Smith