Case Study: Reducing Referral Fees Through Direct Acquisition


Ask any plaintiffs’ lawyer if they handle commercial trucking accident cases and their answer will be a resounding "YES!" Ask the same question to one of the attorneys at Fried Rogers Goldberg (FRG) in Atlanta, and their response may be, "that's all we handle."

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Geo-Target: Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina
Hired Obu in: 2010

Reducing Referral Fees Through Direct Acquisition

For more than a decade, Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC has built a reputation for litigating trucking cases throughout the U.S. More than 90% of their cases are trucking accident-related. Partner Joe Fried, a frequent lecturer on trucking litigation, is the go-to lawyer if your case is anywhere in the country, and especially in the Southeast.

Why would Fried Rogers Goldberg hire Obu? Economics. Referral fees can be high. Getting the cases directly allows the firm to control the case from inception to resolution.

Obu’s latest effort was to combine the main firm website,, and their dedicated trucking website, In years past, Google did not mind if a business had two or more websites; some of these were often referred to as “micro sites.” However, approximately three years ago research began to emerge showing that some industries were being affected by having multiple websites, blogs and these “micro sites.” When Obu suggested combining the sites for organic search purposes to give a more unified signal to Google, many self-proclaimed experts disagreed. The “experts” were wrong and Obu was right.

Our results speak for themselves. After merging with in July 2014, the following results were realized within five months of the merge:

  • 140% increase in trucking-related search traffic from May 2014 to May 2015
  • Total leads for March, April and May of 2015 were up 75% compared to the same months in 2014!