Case Study: A Solo’s Success

Jessica Pride

Reaching out to sexual abuse victims who may want to forget their traumatic experience and put such an ordeal behind them is a challenge. Using an empathetic hook and communicating trust and authority to empower a person in this state of mind requires nothing less than craftsmanship in a message -- and a great lawyer to put the potential client at ease.

Location: San Diego, California
Geo-Target: Southern California
Hired Obu in: January 2014

A Solo’s Success

Jessica Pride, a San Diego attorney, is a fearless litigator and advocate for women’s rights, especially for women who have been sexually abused. Jessica entrusted Obu Interactive for her marketing investment to expand her legal practice and raise her voice.

We were honored to be chosen and proud to deliver.

After creating the responsive website (below) and beginning our optimization and outreach, the following statistics were realized in a 12-month period from May 2014 to May 2015. For the sake of accurate, true numbers, we have removed international traffic and “referral spam,” and accounted for robots from search engines.

  • Organic traffic, i.e. Google search results traffic, increased 280%
  • Time on site increased 50%
  • Considerable successes in social media engagement – shout out to Jessica for leveraging Twitter!
  • Achieved 1st page ranking for competitive primary search terms such as “sexual assault lawyer” and “sexual abuse lawyer” in California

Client Achievement: Jessica also took the time be active in the social community and network with others throughout the country. Because of this she gained TV exposure, and brought “direct” traffic to her website nationwide, and meritorious cases.

 “Obu makes it happen. Within a year of the creation of my website I made my investment back and then some from cases generated. They are still performing and worth every penny!”  – Jess Pride