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Want to know tactics and how we generate leads? In this area, you’ll find thoughts, news, feedback and critical analyses to our “Animal-Style” strategies that have set the benchmark for legal marketing… and a few that have fallen flat on their face. We take great pride in the clients we work with, and, for those reading this, within the pages below you will find such evidence.

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July 7, 2016

Your Contact Form is Likely Broken

This post is about the often overlooked contact form. A point of conversion for attracting new clients, and it continues to astonish us how difficult they can be to use. To be clear, our conversion preference every time is a phone call. The individual is on the line and you’re getting a chance to know them, and […]

Milberg Investigators
June 10, 2012

Milberg Case Study

Who is Milberg? Milberg LLP, a New York-based shareholder/consumer litigation law firm founded in 1965, represents victims of financial fraud or irresponsible investing. The firm’s impressive nearly forty year record of helping recover unprecedented losses is heightened by their incomparable approach. Milberg employs twelve investigators and forensic accountants that support a wide range of complex […]

brain injury law center
April 16, 2011

Brain Injury Law Center Case Study

Background In January, 2010, Stephen Smith & The Brain Injury Law Center decided it was time to redesign their website. Obu Interactive won the project and recommended an additional investment in the future of the new site by devoting a budget to develop a strong web following through organic and paid search strategies. Timeline Website […]

La Jolla BMW
May 7, 2010

BMW Case Study

Results Weekly Increase in Visitors: 250+ Return on Investment: over 300%; repair contacts lifted by over 200% and part sales by over 150% Search Engine Optimization: improved to top 3 in natural results on the first page within the first month across over 40 relevant search terms. “The site’s new design and search engine optimization, […]

Absolute K9
May 7, 2010

Dog Training Case Study

Results Monthly Increase in Traffic: Conversion Improvement: Southern California’s sunny weather, safe suburbs, and high median income makes this a great place to have a dog. Add in the tech-savviness of most California dog owners, and its crucial to have a major web presence if you’re business is dog training. “I’ve been training dogs for […]