Ben Davidson

For a guy who loves strategic planning based on data mining and statistical trends, it’s no wonder Ben ended up our SEO Manager. To the position he brings a breadth of marketing knowledge earned through a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Cal State San Marcos and previous work experience with a medical and financial website provider. We’re lucky too, because he also comes with a sharp mind and a quick, easy smile.

Ben will tell you before you call him out on it that he’s always been a geek. It’s a strength, he swears (and we agree). Claiming to have been “born connected to the internet,” Ben has a keen eye and instinct for turning facts and figures into proven marketing strategies. He’s all about coming up with a plan and then seeing it through, “building new things from point A to point B.”

When not at Obu, he’s hanging out with his wife and three boys, usually at a sporting event or around the house chasing after a toddler. You can also spot him totally unplugged, hiking the steepest trails all over San Diego county.