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Your firm’s website needs fresh, up-to-date content based on changes in the law, public interest, and your focus areas each year. Obu Interactive is the legal marketing agency that can meet those needs.

When online content is done right, it’s seamless. Wherever your law firm posts information — your website, blog, and social media platforms — you want to see clear, consistent, and correct information. But who has the time to type all that up?

Obu Interactive is a full-service legal marketing agency. We have departments for digital Campaigns, Social Media, and Design, all of which are informed by SEO analytics and bursting with Content. Our content is adaptable across platforms, thoroughly researched and reviewed, and imbued with artistic flair to help you stand out.

If you’re ready to talk about the marketing needs of your law firm, contact Obu Interactive at (800) 619-5944 for a consultation. To learn more about all that our Content services cover, see below.

What Is a Legal Content Writer?

A Content Writer is a wordsmith for hire. They are the person who can pen every word from the headline title, to the text on images, to the disclaimer at the bottom of the page — all to the ends of delivering effective and informative advertising copy for your firm.

Legal marketing content production includes writing for:

  • Main practice area pages that can be found in your website’s navigation bar
  • Topical blogs that can be shared and promoted on social media
  • Image captions, branded infographics, and scripts for video and other visual media
  • Campaigns, emails, and newsletters produced to increase engagement and awareness
  • Homepages, attorney bios, and the reassuring words on the Contact Our Firm page that encourage your potential clients to call

If you need someone to create a webpage draft for you to review, Obu Interactive can deliver. If you want to hand over all website content creation and management to a legally-informed team you can trust to get it done without needing constant oversight, we can do that too.

Whatever your needs are from a marketing department, you can hire Obu Interactive to fill them. Just reach out to us at (800) 619-5944 with your list of desires, and see how many wishes we can grant.

How Is Content Writing Done?

The first commitment a law firm needs from a marketing agency: accuracy. We begin by building a “client avatar” or “client persona,” which is an embodiment of the ideal type of client you serve. This composite avatar is created by researching the demographics of your practice area and those most likely to need your services.

The data used includes socioeconomic information like average age, education level, income bracket, gender, political leanings, race, and family composition. These factors dictate the kind of information your potential client needs when searching for an attorney.

Avatar Example

If you represent clients injured in car accidents in Denver, a significant percentage of your prospects are likely male, white, single, college-educated, and in a young- professional income bracket. If such a person suffers a traumatic brain injury from a car accident, his concerns could be issues like:

  • Have I lost crucial momentum in building my career?
  • Am I losing my window to start a family due to lengthy injury recovery?
  • How can I recoup my savings and ambitions when I’m still dealing with long-term injury effects?

Obu Interactive addresses these pain points when describing what an attorney can do for them by writing content like:

  •  A settlement could mean compensation equivalent to lost income.
  • A verdict could mean financial resources for better healthcare options.
  • A lawyer’s help could resolve this painful incident faster and allow a person to find closure and return to their own life and future.

What Is the Goal of Legal Content Writing for a Website?

Once we understand your firm’s client avatar, here are the ways Obu Interactive delivers precision content and copywriting to your prospectives:

  • Formally trained legal and creative writing professionals: Legal marketing requires both specialized legal knowledge and critically-vetted entertainment skills to be truly effective. The writers at Obu Interactive have both training and experience in law, art, and journalism to cover all angles.

Obu Example: When it’s time for your next press release, we’ll weave the hard facts and allegations from your court filings together with storytelling skills to communicate the sadness, unfairness, or outrageousness of your client’s situation.

  • Human reviews for grammar and tone: We don’t just rely on computerized spelling and grammar checks, we incorporate multiple rounds of human review as well. This helps ensure that the content we produce for your firm is as clean as possible, free of redundancies, typos, and cliches.

Obu Example: A commonly understood phrase for one writer might be a riddle for the reviewer — we eliminate such confusion before we submit our work to your firm

  • In-depth understanding of your brand: The benefit of having your marketing agency rather than crutching along with pay-per-piece content generation is the consistency of your message. Are you a bulldog at trial or in negotiations? Do you have the warmth and sensitivity your clients need for personal assault cases? What makes you stand out from other attorneys? Because that is the unique “bedside manner” we’ll infuse on every page we touch.

Obu Example: Your story is a huge part of your selling point. Do you have unique industry knowledge (former police officer or insurance adjuster turned attorney) that gives you a special edge? Are you inventing and investing in solutions for your clients’ needs (such as providing trauma-informed training for your office staff and partners)? We’ll make sure your potential clients know that when they visit your website.

Another key point to remember: if you have your own content you want to appear on your website, that is also a request Obu is quick to accommodate. At the end of the day, your website is your house, and we’re the team hired to remodel it into your dream home.

That means if you have a full message to contribute to your blog, we will give it an editorial review and format it for consistency with your website’s style. That also means if you have a half-formed topic and some resources you want someone else to turn into a cohesive post, you can hand that assignment to us as well.

When you hire Obu Interactive, you’re essentially adding another department to your office.

Content is time-consuming. Your energy should be reserved for the litigation work that only you can do. Your office staff should be concentrating on essential paperwork, scheduling, and client management. Let Obu Interactive craft marketing content so that your firm can stay focused on life-changing casework.

At Obu Interactive, Your Wish is Our Command

One of the best features of Obu Interactive is our ability to adapt. If you have unique marketing needs, we have innovative solutions. If you have feedback, we have ears. If your firm changes directions two years from now, we’ll be right there with you to turn that corner.

The biggest benefit of having a long-term relationship with a legal marketing agency is the same as having your home’s architect on-call for maintenance. When Obu Interactive takes on a client, we start with a full “scrub” to know your website inside and out. After that, we know which walls are load-bearing, and how best to integrate expansions into the original flow.

If you’re ready to build something beautiful with the content on your firm’s website, call Obu Interactive at (800) 619-5944 to discuss your vision.

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