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Meet Your Prospective Clients Where They Scroll

Social media helps make your legal services accessible to potential clients. It also humanizes and adds trust-building character to your firm’s brand. A legal marketing agency like Obu Interactive can showcase your personality consistently across useful social media platforms.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are often used to keep family and friends connected, but for many, social media means big business. Outside of influencers, small and large businesses utilize social media like LinkedIn and Facebook to engage with customers. This allows service providers to learn more about what their clientele needs or wants. Legal services and law firms also can — and should — engage with social media.

The problem for attorneys and their support staff is time. While social media is an effective tool, your office’s priorities are billable client work like investigations, research, and brief writing. You also have to make time for court appearances and oversee the logistics of ensuring clients and expert witnesses arrive on time and well-prepared. Then there are conferences, professional presentations, and the general administrative tasks of offices like inventory upkeep and hiring/training staff, all while maintaining a welcoming environment.

If you recognize the value of social media marketing but don’t have the time to wade through it yourself, that is where Obu Interactive comes in. Your time is better spent doing the highly- trained legal work only you can do. A legal marketing agency can handle your social media feeds to your unique specifications.

Contact Obu Interactive at (800) 619-5944 for a consultation today. To learn more about all that our Social Media services cover, read on.

Should Lawyers Have Social Media?

Yes, lawyers and law firms should have an active social media presence. As more businesses and services move online, you would be remiss to skip social media engagement when all your top competitors are there and thriving.

Social media for lawyers can:

  • Help you find clients: The bread and butter of any personal injury firm is a regular influx of clients. A survey by the American Bar Association found that nearly half of small firms (42%) who use social media channels for professional purposes gain new clients through those channels. Well-managed social media accounts can help you avoid the dreaded boom-and-bust cycle that can sink or stress smaller firms.
  • Help clients find you: Building your brand on social media is like setting up a kiosk in the town square — it makes you accessible to people who need you now, or may need you soon. For example, if you handle car accidents, posting local and relevant news stories like car manufacturing recalls helps put your firm’s name in the same algorithms as potential future clients. This positioning allows you to maximize ad campaign spending as well.
  • Spark community engagement: A strong social media presence can help you communicate your values to clients who need to feel a human connection before they call a lawyer. It can also help link with other attorneys for referrals and professional networking. Best of all, it allows you to speak to potential clients directly — answer questions like “Is this a case?” and capture that conversion when someone is right on the cusp of either calling an attorney or quitting their search.

Lawyers can gain a significant amount of branding, goodwill, and actionable cases through social media. They can also delegate the work of maintaining consistent, fresh social media material by hiring a legal marketing agency that also handles website Content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and visual Design

Do Attorneys Use Instagram?

Yes, attorneys and firms use Instagram for client outreach, community engagement, and brand building. As a largely picture- and video-based app, the visual storytelling on  Instagram allows lawyers to post:

  • Podium pictures: Shareable snapshots or short video reels of them teaching, presenting, or delivering press conferences. These images show leadership and establish authority, two important factors in creating confidence in your competence for a prospective client.
  • Good deeds: If your firm gives out scholarships or mentors other attorneys in underserved fields, that’s a credit to your reputation. Likewise if the firm donates time, materials, or money to important causes, it’s valuable to showcase these actions. It isn’t boasting, it’s boosting the charity or organization you’re helping. It also helps build a compassionate persona that people can trust.
  • Breaking news: Changes in public policy, dangerous trends, and sudden victories related to your main practice areas help keep your followers informed. They also help link your name and the vital legal services you offer to the types of accidents, assaults, or natural disasters you can help individuals recover for.
A picture can truly be worth a thousand words. Having a professional presence on Instagram can interrupt doomscrolling with the tangible solutions your law firm can achieve.

Do Lawyers Use Facebook?

Yes, lawyers use Facebook for both social interaction and business advertising. On Facebook’s platform a law firm can:

  • Post videos: Video content is highly consumable and shareable, especially on Facebook. Videos of interviews you give, a day-in-the-life tour of your office, or instructional material like “What to do after a car accident?” provides valuable resources for your potential clients.
  • Link your contact info: While Instagram is limited when it comes to adding clickable links, Facebook allows for links to phone numbers, contact pages, chat access, and map directions. When a potential client comes looking for a lawyer, give them all they need to find you.
  • Repurpose and interlink material: Did you post a new blog on your website? Share it to Facebook. Add a new credential to your CV? Add your LinkedIn profile. New attorney at your firm? Promote them with a spotlight or shout-out. See someone else providing resources your clients also need? Show appreciation where everyone can see, and gain goodwill while doing so.

Facebook is a highly integrated platform that can serve as a real hub for social connections, business services, news, and paid and organic advertising. Hiring an agency like Obu Interactive that keeps up-to-date with all the intricate features of Facebook means your firm can stay on the cutting without you having to set time aside to learn every new bell and whistle.

Reach out to Obu Interactive for a personal consultation online or by calling (800) 619-5944. We can build or maintain your social media accounts with your brand colors, your strengths, and your unique persona and vibe.

How Is Social Media Good for Law Firms?

Social media platforms provide direct access to the individuals you’re trying to reach. They are as revolutionizing as the day when television advertising could suddenly be piped directly into homes. With social media, your firm can literally be at someone’s fingertips at the exact moment they realize they need an attorney.

To get the good out of social media without any downsides like time-sinks, typos, or terms of service violations, simply hire a digital marketing agency to do it for you.

Obu Interactive provides essential social media services like:

  • Goals over guesswork: We use data analytics and search trends to identify what topics we should post on your behalf and when (what season, what time of day, etc). This is done with the goal of increased interaction and client conversion. We schedule material for when it will be most effective, and create new material in a “fire-queue” rapid pipeline when there’s a breaking news event in your wheelhouse.
  • Avoiding violations: We stay away from words that lawyers cannot say on social media, such as claims to be the “best” or an “expert” attorney. We do not promise results you cannot guarantee. We also monitor what material platforms may flag or penalize, such as triggering images of wounds or sexual assault situations.
  • Research and resources: We supply general research on topics like local laws and statutes of limitations to serve as resources for your potential clients. This type of basic 101 research is far below your proficiency as a professional attorney, yet it’s absolutely useful information to clients — Obu Interactive fills that gap by verifying and citing authoritative sources, freeing up your time for higher-level billable work.

By delegating social media management to a legal marketing firm, you can capture the benefits of those platforms without having to burden yourself or your staff with the work. Instead, let Obu Interactive create calendars, captions, and colorful infographics and imagery on your behalf.

Contact Obu Interactive for Digital Marketing Management

What began as a way to stay socially connected has become big business. Social media platforms can facilitate important activism, deliver rapidly evolving information, and be the place where a person goes from feeling victimized to finding legal help.

For personal injury firms especially, it’s important that your digital presence provides a comfortable place for people to discuss sensitive issues. Obu Interactive can build and maintain the tone you want to convey to your potential clients.

Are you ready to get social? Contact Obu Interactive at (800) 619-5944 to discuss your needs for shareable content.

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