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Develop and Showcase Your Firm’s Brand Image

What lawyers need for web design is similar to what you look for when buying a car: beauty, but most of all, performance.

Website design services involve both visual and structural elements. There’s what you see like colors, pictures, and text arrangement. There’s also hidden design behind functions like drop- down menus, chat box features, and navigation bars.

Web design is a co-equal part of marketing along with the written content and the data analytics to ensure performance. It’s an essential part of building a usable website for law firms that need a regular influx of clients to stay in operation.

At Obu Interactive, we handle the work of building and maintaining a polished, professional website so you don’t have to. This frees up your office to do the vital, billable work that achieves life-saving results for clients and keeps your business financially healthy enough to continue providing important services.

If you’re ready upgrade and beautify your website, contact Obu Interactive at (800) 619-5944 for a consultation. For more information on what makes an effective law firm website, read on.

What Does a Successful Website Look Like?

In simple terms, a successful law firm website is both operational and appealing. A successful website means having a smooth user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Legal marketing firms like Obu Interactive offer UX/UI design services like:

  • Functional visual builds: A law firm’s website should have visual appeal like mature  colors and fonts, logical organization, and direct messages about the services you provide. Personal injury sufferers and their families need a clear, serious interface, not a busy, playful one.
  • Branded graphics: The images used on your website should include proprietary photos like those of your attorneys, staff, and offices. Unique infographics with your firm’s logo are also excellent images for potential clients to reference and share. Stock images should be used sparingly and selected with an eye to believable scenarios and matching color schemes.
  • Mobile-friendly navigation: Easily accessed contact information, clickable phone numbers, and interactive chat feature are key elements for those searching on both desktops and smartphones. With both in mind, website elements need to be kept light and flexible for those who search on their cell phones, which according to Forbes magazine can be as high as 57% of visitors to law firm websites.
Website design should marry form and function to create a website that both looks nice and delivers frustration-free access for users.

What Makes a Good Lawyer Website?

A good website delivers the information and access that users reasonably expect when visiting. Law firm and attorney websites specifically need:

  • Cohesive design that presents organized information, accessible user interaction, and an overall professional brand that lends credibility to your firm. Website design should also be reflected in your social media accounts for cross-platform consistency.
  • Authoritative content that answers common personal injury questions like “How much is my lawsuit worth?” using real case results as examples. Questions like, “What are damages in my injury case?” should fully describe both economic and non-economic damages so a potential client can gain the confidence that they need to call.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) maintenance to ensure the most up-to-date search topics related to your practice area appear on your page. The most beautiful website isn’t useful if it doesn’t get seen — SEO services improve your Google ranking, and put your services at the top of relevant searches.

Unlike retail websites, lawyers are selling what are called Unsought services — not because they’re not essential and in demand, but because legal services for personal injury are a rare need for most individuals. For this reason, your website needs to be fully optimized to capture a potential client’s attention when they search for the valuable help you provide.

Your website is your digital business card. Your firm’s online presence should be as professional and polished as you are. Contact Obu Interactive at (800) 619-5944 to tailor your website design to your professional image.

What Should I Put on My Law Firm Website?

Other key elements that a legal marketing agency can help put on your website include:
  • Client testimonials collected and preserved from rating websites to boost your legitimacy as someone who delivers real results to real people
  • Case results listing your most impressive achievements organized by amount, and also referenced on individual practice area pages or blogs
  • Values statements that convey your dedication to your clients, colleagues, and community — these statements are found on About Us pages, Attorney Bio pages, Contact Us pages, and in every “call to action” (CTA) that encourages prospective clients to reach out today
A legal marketing agency like Obu Interactive can help create, organize, and maintain a visually appealing website with all the elements that prospective clients look for when hiring an attorney.

What Does Obu Interactive Provide for Law Firm Website Design?

Our web designers provides Obu Interactive clients with:
  • Unique website layouts: If you already have a wealth of content on your website, we organize it so that search engines and users can better find what they are looking for. If you barely have content and want writers and researchers to fill in appropriate content, we supply that as well.
  • Personalized branding and visuals: Do you need your firm’s online presence to be friendly and welcoming? How about experienced and tough? Depending on your preferences, main practice areas, and potential client demographics, we will tailor every image or design feature to suit your reputation.
  • Individualized features: If your clients are contacting you with extremely sensitive topics, we design your chat feature to assure people that their communications are private. If you have information intended for affiliates or co-counsel arrangements, we ensure they are distinct and separate from general prospective client information.

By hiring a dedicated legal marketing firm, you gain industry-specific expertise, artistic attention to detail, and reliable maintenance updates. You also save time that is better spent by you and your staff on the specialized legal work only you can handle.

Contact Obu Interactive for Law Firm Web Design

Web design is the scaffolding that holds all the other aspects of digital marketing together. Search engine analytics informs the content creation you need to advertise to prospective clients, but it takes a logical web design and visual presentation to get that information to those who seek it.

Obu Interactive offers all of the above services to personal injury firms. We build sites from scratch, scrub websites that need cleaning, and maintain ongoing fresh content. We do all of this with light, adaptable web design for desktop, mobile, and paid ad campaigns.

Ready to see an efficient, engaging website for your firm? Reach out to Obu Interactive online or at (800) 619-5944, and let’s make something beautiful.

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