What a New Tagline Can Do For Your Business

In today’s marketing article, we’re talking about taglines and elements to consider when building one that will strengthen your company’s brand. Then, we’re going to use this little how-to ourselves to create Obu’s next tagline. More on that later…

First let’s talk about you, the business owner. You are reading this because you want to learn why you should have a tagline, what makes for a successful tagline and how to create one that is right for your business.

Should you have a tagline for your business?

You most certainly should. Your tagline, if successful, can communicate more than your logo. A tagline can indicate what it is you stand for, what makes you different and how a consumer might feel if they select you.

Your tagline is a small number of words (shoot for seven or less) strung together, in most instances, around a logo. Short and catchy, your tagline is an opportunity to send a message that resonates in your customers’ minds.

12 Elements of a Great Tagline

According to Eric Swartz, the Tagline Guru, a successful tagline consists of 12 elements

  1. Original – Make it your own
  2. Believable – Keep it real
  3. Simple – Make it understandable
  4. Succinct – Get to the point
  5. Positive – Elevate their mood
  6. Specific – Make it relevant
  7. Unconventional – Break the mold
  8. Provocative – Make them think
  9. Conversational – Make it personable
  10. Persuasive – Sell the big idea
  11. Humorous – Tickle their funny bone
  12. Memorable – Make a lasting impression

And 3 things not to do according to Susan Gunelius

  1. Be self-serving (communicating what management thinks is important rather than what consumers need)
  2. Be trite or filled with jargon and corporate rhetoric
  3. Offer no additional information beyond what consumers expect from the brand

Gleaning from our tagline experts, I’m going to apply their advice and make the new Obu tagline.

With the name “Obu Interactive” a tagline can certainly help convey what we do and who we are to our consumers. We create an online presence for companies in order to generate new business for them. That presence consists of advertising, web design, search engine optimization and social media. Serving these essential marketing pieces together as an all-in-one service provides small businesses the benefit of dealing with one experienced company for a broad range of products, rather than four to five separate companies. This is our value proposition, and we do it well.

Now back to the tagline. How can we incorporate all of that using Eric and Susan’s advice, evoking emotion and speaking to our customers?

Make it Short and Simple….

Turn this: “We create an online presence for companies in order to generate more business for them. That presence consists of advertising, web design, search engine optimization and social media. Having these essential marketing pieces together serves as an all-in-one service for businesses.”

Into this: “One-stop shop for all your online marketing needs.”

Convey Emotion

Turn this: “One-stop shop for all your online marketing needs.”

Into this: “Piecing the online marketing puzzle together so you don’t have to.”

Keep It Succinct

Pretty good, we’re getting closer, but our tagline should be fewer than 7 words. Let’s keep trying.

“Online marketing under one umbrella”
“One Umbrella, every online marketing channel”
“Every Online Channel Under One Roof”

Ugh, too cliché! We are unique, and none of those taglines do Obu justice. Let’s keep trying…

“We bring Internet Leads to Your Business“
“Bringing Leads to You“
“Bringing Online Business to You“
“Getting New Business for You“
“New Business to You“
“Introducing You to Your Next Client”

Introducing You to Your Next Client! I think we have a winner, DING DING DING!

Of course, there is only one way to find out whether or not your tagline is the right one and that is with customer research. Ask your current and potential customers what they think. Does your tagline illustrate the message you want to deliver?

What do you think of our new tagline? Should we use it? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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