I recently had the opportunity to write a blog post for reTHINK Law Firm Consulting about how law firms can use Twitter. Twitter is a relatively new medium for law firms, and not too many firms are using the social media channel to their advantage.

With that said, I felt it a good idea to talk about using Twitter as an extension to the law office. The more a law firm can relate to Twitter in real-life terms the easier it is to understand and use to their advantage.

Here are some tips:

  1. Be inviting so your followers know you’re human and that your law firm is there to help.
  2. Tweet about your experience and expertise so that readers know how great you are.
  3. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search to find law-related questions, and then answer them.
  4. Tweet your case results and tweet them often.
  5. Cause Marketing – tweeting your goodwill conveys a positive persona

Twitter, and any marketing for that matter, takes a lot of time of which lawyers don’t have much. In fact, in a recent discussion on LinkedIn, “time” is one of the biggest reasons law firms fail (subscription required) in their marketing goals.