Its an opportunity to be creative, to share viewpoints, and communicate to the masses as the masses have never been able to do before.  Its also free.  And while the socially myopic have found a platform to spread their views, as a whole, YouTube has been a wonderful addition to this world.

Because people have the opportunity to get creative and their only cost is their time, its our job as viewers to get viral, and spread the good work.  However, there is criteria we (Obu) do have to follow;  No nudity, no expletives, and no low budget work.

We originally had a Top Gun "recut" video posted , however we decided to replace it with an instructional video, since it came with a true story.

I was in a hotel in New York City right across from Madison Square Garden.  I had bought a new tie, had a meeting in 30 minutes, and just couldn’t seem to get the right knot.  YouTube came to the rescue.

From Triuph motorcycle maintenance, to how to fix a leaking faucet, don’t forget YouTube as a resource to consider.

(This video plays sound)