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This is where you will learn how we can help, and about what we call “Clientology.” Below you will see seven circles identifying services – one is known as the exclusive Appointed Local Leader, or “ALL,” which encompasses the other six services. Each page has more information on the topic as well as statistics on how we have helped other clients. Check one out and let us know what you think.

National Legal Marketing

Obtain Qualified Leads Through Advertising Being involved in a litigation requires a firm to be retained by clients who have suffered real damages. Our nationwide marketing campaigns can help your firm retain a large caseload of clients within a matter of weeks. Unlike television or typical Internet campaigns, Obu’s in-house team conceptualizes and deploys a multi-website campaign […]

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Appointed Local Leader

Do you want it ALL? You should. Our flagship product combines all of our services to reach a single goal: establishing you as the premiere company or law firm in your specific geographic area. To do this, we only work with one company in any local market. Take the lead in your community.

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Search Engine Optimization

Getting you the best placement on search engines like Google requires a strong understanding of keywords, link-building, directory submissions and the complex algorithms used to determine search placement. We’ve got it. As the SEO world changes, Obu’s methods follow.

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Reputation Management

Success starts with having a solid reputation in both professional and community circles. We’ll help you build one by creating your own unique brand. And, when people try to smear your reputation on the Internet, there are secrets we have that may delete — or at least repair – those unwanted search results.

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Website Design

Even our biggest, most cutting-edge website designs begin small enough to hold in our hand. Why? Because almost 2 in every 5 visitors will be seeing it on a cell phone — and you can bet that number will keep growing.  When you factor in the various tablets, desktops and laptops on the market, it means […]

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Social Media Management

You’re no longer ahead of the game by simply having a social media presence. In today’s world, you need a strong presence on social media platforms – one that cements your status as a leader in your field ready to do good work for new clients. This is an important part of the overall strategy.

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Content Creation

At Obu, there is no such thing as cookie-cutter content. Every word of a website, advertisement, blog post or anything else has a purpose. Good content informs and educates. It meets the reader where the reader is. Good content makes a reader into a client.

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We’re a legal marketing company that practices something called “clientology.” What’s clientology?

It’s how Obu Interactive delivers some of the most-qualified case leads in the business. We understand you and we understand your clients. We know them before they even get to your website. We’ve turned studying their demographics and their internet habits into a science. We utilize multiple channels to reach them – and only them – directly, maximizing your advertising dollar and bringing the clients you want straight to your door.

A few things to know about us:

  • We work with law firms throughout the U.S.
  • We have exclusive advertising arrangements available.
  • We started in 2008, and nearly 90% of our clients continue to use our services year over year!

Read on to learn more about our team. At Obu, we’re all about the team – both ours and yours.

Our People

clients appreciate us

“I’ve worked with Obu for several years and they are the best at getting me quality cases from the Internet.”

Jesse Ferrer

“Obu is an internet marketing company you can trust.  They always have your best intentions.”

Andrew Childers

“Although initially skeptical of case lead generation through the internet, I have been extremely impressed with the results produced by Obu and now use them routinely.”

Jefferey M. Kuntz

“Bad internet marketing companies waste your time and money by forcing you to chase bad leads. Obu’s strategies create a high inquiry-to-case ratio while ensuring that volume remains consistent.”

Calvin Warriner, III


Our People


Obu works with clients from Seattle to Houston to New York, but we work our magic in sunny San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter, within walk of rooftop bars, plenty of good eats and the home of the San Diego Padres.

Obu’s team members hail not just from across the U.S., but from across the world. We’re proud of our varied backgrounds and experiences, but under Obu’s roof, we’re all on the same page working toward the same goals.


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