Obu Interactive uses marketing psychology insights and website user experience data to effectively reassure your prospective clients. With this proficiency, we develop the optimal way to match people with the lawyer/legal services that best suit their situation.

When it comes to personal injury or class action cases, a potential client is faced with an unusual problem, and likely has very little experience in how to handle it. Fortunately for these individuals, you are the legal professional who can handle the case for them. So the real question is: how can your digital presence reassure prospective clients that you’re the lawyer they deserve?

The answer often lies in marketing psychology, or “neuromarketing” — it’s the study and application of neuropsychology to influence purchasing decisions through content.

As a legal marketing firm, we at Obu Interactive spend a great deal of time getting to know your potential clients, the questions they have, and the worries they need alleviated. Once we locate where a prospect is along a “conversion funnel,” we can then provide them with the answers they need to make a fully-informed decision to call you.

A potential client’s needs and your firm’s needs are two sides of the same coin. Contact Obu Interactive at (800) 619-5944 to discuss what a legal marketing agency can do for you. Read on for further details on how marketing psychology benefits the attorney-client match-up.

Marketing psychology informs Obu Interactive’s legal marketing strategies.

Is Marketing Psychology Useful for Lawyers?

The study of marketing psychology makes two things clear in regards to the business of personal injury law:

  1. Your services are considered “unsought,” and that’s okay. People generally don’t seek out legal services unless they need them. Needing legal services after an injury or instance of fraud is a situation people don’t want to be in. Unlike regular shopping for food, clothes, or luxury items, hiring a lawyer is not a fun decision to make, though it is enormously important.
  2. Your prospective clients may be afraid of making the wrong decision, but those fears can be dispelled. Just like light obliterates darkness, the more information your website provides for a prospective client, the more confidence they gain towards deciding that you are the lawyer they wish to speak to.

Marketing psychology analyzes what types of content people find trustworthy, engaging, and desirable. For example, picture an attorney in a suit at a boardroom table full of organized paperwork. Now ask yourself: how much more authority does that image covey vs. a photo of that same lawyer in a t-shirt at a messy desk with a half-eaten lunch?

Much like the storytelling techniques that trial lawyers employ before a jury, marketing psychology is not about manipulation, it’s about effective communication. Psychology is merely the scientific study of the human mind, and marketing is the action (and sometimes the art) of advertising for a useful, valuable product or service.

Obu Interactive uses marketing psychology as a basis to understand your potential client’s needs, and how your law firm’s services will meet them. There’s nothing covert about it, and no guesswork involved — we’re simply using additional knowledge and insights to understand the players involved. With this proficiency, we develop the optimal way to match people with the lawyer/legal services that best suit their situation.

Marketing Psychology in Action
“People are more likely to click, convert, or call a lawyer if _____”

  • They feel they are part of a group
  • They know what the damages can do to improve their lives
  • They feel like they’d be missing out if they don’t take action

Conveying the above impressions with verifiable information is the practical use of marketing psychology on your firm’s website.

How Does a Personal Injury Firm’s Website Support Client Conversion?

Here are some of the most common concerns people have before calling a lawyer, and how we alleviate their worries using blogs and other website content:

  • “I can’t afford to hire an attorney.” If you work on a contingency fee basis, that is an enormous credit to your firm. You recognize that after an injury, violation, or wrongful death, your clients may not have the ability to pay upfront for your services. And so your first step in helping them is by investing in them and their case. That creates an enormous amount of respect, gratitude, and trust in a prospective client…if it’s explained in an empathetic manner on your website.
  • “I don’t have time for a lawsuit.” Someone unfamiliar with the law may be intimidated by the perceived commitment being asked of them. Your website should clearly explain: the work of a lawsuit is the attorney’s duty, not the plaintiff’s. By explaining the timeline or the step-by-step process of a case, your web content can show readers that lawyers do not add burdens, they lift them.
  • “What’s the catch?” Your prospective client may be dealing with extreme emotions like depression, hopelessness, or rage. Based on what kind of case a webpage addresses, your content should match the prospect’s emotional state. If they have lost a loved one, describe how their lawsuit could improve safety standards, thus saving someone else’s life. If they are angry, tell them that civil lawsuits can lead to punishment (punitive damages) or other judicious remedies (delicensing or public accountability).

A dedicated Content team zeroes in on the worries of your potential clients, and customizes each page to meet these emotional subtleties. One last reassurance, one more fact, or one clear bolt of understanding may be the final key a potential client needs before they make the call that will turn them into your client.

Obu Interactive customizes the pages on your website to meet the unique emotional and informational needs of your potential clients.

How Does a Legal Marketing Agency Serve Your Firm’s Need for Leads?

Generating digestible and targeted content for your potential clients is one aspect of our work at Obu Interactive, but the other part is serving your firm by optimizing your website. How do we deliver quality calls, clicks, and leads in an organizable, measurable way? We do so with:

Paid Ads and Campaign Management

1. Law Firm Need:
When it’s time to commit to a fresh batch of your bread-and-butter cases (like car accidents), you need a way to advertise your availability. Likewise, when you’re looking to fulfill a new and underserved niche (like rideshare-specific cases), you need a way to get the word out.
2. Obu Deliverable:
You should be able to rely on your legal marketing firm to place your firm’s branding, contact information, and credentials in well-traveled areas of the internet where potential clients can see it.

Custom Contact Fields

1. Law Firm Need:
What do you need to know from potential clients in order to evaluate whether you’re the right fit for them? Name, phone number, current or previous qualifying address? Do you need the serial number of a medical implant? Do you need them to check a list of key symptoms, or disclose whether or not they’re a smoker?
2. Obu Deliverable:
Obu Interactive can create these custom forms. We also supply the language around them that assures readers that their information is protected by confidentiality.

Stable “Hub” Pages

1. Law Firm Need:
A “hub” page anchors other forms of content like topical blogs or class action campaigns to the main practice area or topic they fall under. These hubs allow your firm to easily manage and update current and resolved cases. Hub pages also let users easily find their related case in Google Search, and assist their conversion needs.
2. Obu Deliverable:
When Obu Interactive takes on one of your practice areas, we design and populate the page with vital, accessible information like:

  • How many others were injured
  • How many other people are joining/have joined a class action
  • What types of damages are available
  • What type of egregious behavior a company or manufacturer perpetrated
  • Your firm’s successes in similar actions

Hub pages are a port of entry for users on the front end, and an organizational tool for your firm on the back end.

These web-science strategies are methods we use to make the user interface smooth (also known as “user experience” or UX design) for your prospects, and the practical deliverables useable for your office. They help build reader confidence in your firm, while also meeting your need to sign up clients efficiently within the deadlines mandated for court filings.

A legal marketing agency must balance the needs of your prospective clients, and the requirements of your firm’s office.

Obu Interactive’s Strategies for Personal Injury Lawyer Websites

At Obu Interactive, we use marketing psychology data to better serve you and your clients. This is done by both respecting and addressing their pain points, and also by highlighting the real, tangible benefits of personal injury and class action lawsuits. The more we understand where your clients are coming from, the more precise we can be with the language, information, and calls-to-action on your firm’s website.

Obu Interactive also understands that you and your fellow attorneys have bottom-line needs for streamlined, methodical data you can act on. By providing structure for your website and the potential clients who use it, we fulfill our role to free you up for the specialized litigation work that only you can do.

At the end of the day, “advertising” is a form of “advocating” — promoting novel goods or proven solutions to the problems or issues a person might have. If your law firm is ready for a comprehensive website upgrade informed by marketing psychology insights, contact Obu Interactive today at (800) 619-5944 for a consultation.

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