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The founding of Obu Interactive and its focus ever since has been about more than legal marketing. Our mission is to connect those in need of legal help with those who work to provide aid and advocacy.

Towards that effort, we work with law offices that are in the profession for the right reason: justice. We also work on behalf of the clients of our clients: those who’ve experienced injustice.

When writing to connect lawyers to potential clients, it’s not just about lead generation and clicks, or checking boxes for the sake of filing quickly. It’s about reaching people who need help and lighting a path to their helpers.

Morality vs. legality are not at odds at Obu Interactive, where morals and legal marketing go together.


Obu Interactive’s Approach to Marketing with Empathy

As part of delivering our stellar services, Obu maintains a library for our entire staff. We set aside weekly Professional Development time for our team to foster an ethos of empathy, alongside our dedication to efficiency and improvement.

Our library includes:

Documentaries like The Bleeding Edge

The Bleeding Edge is a documentary by Kirby Dick that exposes the medical device industry, and the damage done when profit motives take precedence over ensuring proper safety.

Obu’s Legal Marketing Philosophy:

  • Writing for victims of defective medical devices means understanding the outrage of someone whose hip replacement is poisoning them with metal sludge.
  • It means understanding what is lost when a piece of mesh becomes so entangled inside a body, a person may never live or love without pain again.
  • It means a “call to action” isn’t just encouraging a wronged party to dial a phone, but illustrating what that action could mean for their own health (damages awarded for medical care) and the health of others (recalling dangerous medical devices).

When it comes to morality vs. legality, abusive medical device companies take the wrong path. They do whatever they think they can get away with, instead of embracing the spirit of the medical profession: do no harm. We at Obu take another path — we work with lawyers who use the law to recover damages, and to correct the bad behavior of those who attempt to exploit legal loopholes.

Movies Based on True Stories like Erin Brockovich and Dark Waters

Erin Brockovich is a dramatization of the true story of Erin Brockovich, and the legal battle fought against the energy corporation Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) for its culpability in contaminating the groundwater of Hinkley, California.

Dark Waters is a movie inspired by the true story of lawyer Robert Bilott, who took on the DuPont chemical company in an environmental suit regarding the poisoning of a community in West Virginia.

Obu’s Legal Marketing Philosophy:

  • Writing for those intimidated by class-action lawsuits against monstrously large corporations means understanding what it feels like to be knowingly handed a glass of poisoned water.
  • It means understanding the horror of those whose children have lead poisoning because the paint or pipes in their house or apartment complex were never brought up to code.
  • It means acknowledging that some damages can never be undone, but the right lawyer can help seek tangible support (restitution for costs endured), as well as prompt a clean-up effort that may benefit an entire community.

Our services at Obu include promoting law firm thought leadership. For example, we schedule daily Practice Pointer emails for our clients who are looking to exemplify law firm leadership among their colleagues with less experience. That kind of community-minded, industry-changing resource production is what we embrace at Obu as well.

Memoirs like Know My Name

Know My Name: A Memoir by American author Chanel Miller is the story surrounding a 2015 sexual assault on the Stanford University campus, as well as the aftermath of the court case People v. Turner.

Obu’s Legal Marketing Philosophy:

  • Writing for survivors of sexual assault means understanding the hesitancy and difficulty that comes with speaking out, and also showing the real value of being heard and believed.
  • It means aspiring to reflect the work of Chanel Miller, who states in her memoir, “When I get worked up over what happened, I tell myself, you are a pair of eyes. I’m a civilian who’s been randomly selected to receive an all-access pass to the court system. […] What am I learning and seeing that other people can’t see? What doorways does my suffering lead to? People sometimes say, I can’t imagine. How do I make them imagine?”
  • It means honoring the law firms that don’t treat their clients like case numbers, and instead, do everything they can to support the healing process as they pursue the legal process.

What makes a good law firm is a dedication to righting wrongs and easing suffering. What makes a good legal marketing firm is communicating that spirit of persistence to those who need an ally.

Obu Interactive: Morals in Marketing

When we see the faces and hear the stories of those who were maimed, poisoned, or assaulted, it reminds us who we’re working for: we help introduce lawyers to those who need them. We strive to do so with compassion, empathy, and a shared humanity. Also with a belief that, though the world can be treacherous and unfair, there are attorneys who dedicate their lives and careers to recovering as much support and accountability as possible.

Obu believes in changing lives, one lead at a time. A holistic understanding of the lawyers we work for and the people they work for is just one aspect of that goal.

Want your law firm’s SEO content to highlight your sincerity to prospective clients? Contact Obu Interactive today at (800) 619-5944.

Obu Testimonials

Obu’s reputation can speak for itself thanks to client testimonials.

I first learned of Obu Interactive through others — I believe that is a telling indication in itself. You know when you work with Obu that you are working with people who are passionate about what they provide — their passion is a key component to their success and in my opinion, Obu Interactive’s passion is what makes working with them absolutely necessary.

-Robbie Munoz

Although initially skeptical of case lead generation through the internet, I have been extremely impressed with the results produced by Obu and now use them routinely.

-Jefferey M. Kuntz

There are a lot of companies out there who can do SEO or design a website and manage a marketing strategy. To be able to have such immediate access and to be able to stay in touch with the people at Obu helps keep me efficient. The type of company where if I email them on a weekend, it’s likely I’ll get a response that same weekend.

-Timothy O’Leary

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