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Legal Digital Marketing Case Studies

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Learn how Obu Interactive has helped law firms just like yours.

At Obu Interactive, we are proud to showcase our successful efforts for law firm clients. Our legal marketing case studies provide valuable insights into the strategies and results our services have achieved, helping our clients establish a strong online presence, attract new clients, and achieve their business goals.

Here are a few examples of our impactful law firm digital marketing campaigns:

How we generated 219 signed cases for our clients through custom intake criteria and leveraging historical performance data.

How we generated 136 signed cases for our client in four months, resourcefully managed campaign spend, and maintained lead quality.

How we quickly and carefully executed a complete, effective campaign and advertising strategy within just 24 hours notice.

How we generated six qualified leads within 21 days, utilizing only 11% of the total campaign media budget.

How we created unique, bilingual-tailored content for our clients and reached over 9,720 people in an 11-day period.

How we effectively targeted multiple types of VA claims cases, and generated 103 cases over the course of 4 months.
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These legal marketing case studies demonstrate the measurable impact of our digital marketing strategies in the legal industry. At Obu Interactive, we are committed to helping law firms and legal professionals achieve their marketing goals through tailored and data-driven strategies.  Ready to learn how we can elevate your digital marketing efforts and drive success for your legal practice? Contact Obu Interactive online or by calling (800) 619-5944 to discuss your campaign’s goals and how we can meet them.

In the past year working with Obu, I have retained cases that resolved for well over $1 million.

– CA Sexual Assault Lawyer & Founding Partner

There are many marketing companies to go to, and I’ve tried nearly all. Some have strengths, but Obu strives for the best overall performance and sheer dedication. Obu’s team is relentless to deliver the best results.

–  NY Personal Injury Lawyer & Founding Partner

There are a lot of choices you have to make in this industry, and choosing Obu is a safe bet.

– TX Personal Injury Lawyer

Bad internet marketing companies waste your time and money by forcing you to chase bad leads. Obu’s strategies create a high inquiry-to-case ratio while ensuring that volume remains consistent.

– FL Mass Torts Lawyer

*Attorney names have been redacted for privacy.


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