Paid Ad Campaigns for Lawyers

Sign Clients While Case Interest Peaks

With so many potential clients beginning their search for a lawyer online, paid ad campaigns for lawyers are an excellent way to target specific types of clients and secure new case leads. Obu Interactive can help you set up, monitor, and optimize your campaigns for success.

Are you looking to reach highly defined segments of the population and connect with those who most need your legal services? Paid ad campaigns allow you to hone in on specific types of clients who need your services, allowing you to most efficiently use your marketing resources for the cases you’re looking to work on.

Paid ad campaigns, also known as pay-per-click or PPC advertising, are a type of marketing model that allows your law firm to display ads on Google and other search engines. By bidding on target keywords, you get premium placement at the top of Google search results. In exchange, you pay whenever someone clicks your ad (hence the term, “pay-per-click”).

It’s essentially a way of buying traffic to your law firm’s website, on top of whatever traffic your site already gets through natural search results.

So, are paid ad campaigns right for you? Reach out to us at Obu Interactive at (800) 619-5944. We can set up an exclusive consultation to discuss your firm’s exact campaign needs and goals. Still have questions about paid ads? Read on to see if it’s the best fit for you and your firm.

Does AdWords Work for Lawyers?

AdWords is Google’s proprietary paid ad platform that allows businesses and firms to promote their brands and services. Many lawyers don’t know the full scope of benefits of paid ads, or when and where to use them.

AdWords is perfect for situations where immediate leads are needed for highly specific legal issues or developments. AdWords helps you target those affected by:

  • Changes in the law: Paid ads can inform potential clients of new statutes, newly passed legislation, and expiring statutes of limitations that affect their legal rights
  • Novel legal issues: Product recalls, dangerous drugs, and defective medical device lawsuits benefit greatly from paid ad efforts
  • Unpredictable occurrences: Ads offer lighting-fast response time to hurricanes, wildfires, and other emergencies that need immediate legal action
  • Breaking news: Potential clients often respond to issues they see in the news and media, and paid ads can help capture those leads
  • Class actions: Paid ad campaigns work wonders in generating interest around class actions, mass torts, and multidistrict litigations

In short, paid ads work best for lawyers when time is of the essence, and you need to connect with potential clients quickly before everyone else does, or before a filing window ends.

The sooner you’re able to launch your campaign, the better your chances are of securing leads. At Obu Interactive, we stay at the forefront of major legal developments and breaking news.

Paid ad campaigns offer a wide range of benefits including more brand visibility and recognition, increased leads, and rapid response to novel legal issues. Contact Obu Interactive at (800) 619-5944 to get started on a paid ad strategy.

Are Google Ads Worth It?

As with any investment, the proof is in the returns. At Obu Interactive, we have a long track record of creating and managing paid media campaigns for lawyers from start to finish. Several of our campaigns have generated so much success that we engage in multiple rounds of ads for

Consider the following case studies for our paid ad campaigns:

Toxic Baby Food Paid Ad Campaign

The four-month campaign resulted in:

  • 136 signed cases for the client
  • A 47% drop in the cost-per-case in the second 60 days on account of ad optimization
  • Unique, reusable digital assets for the client including custom video that can be featured on their website and in future projects

Our team created a hyper-targeted landing page specifically tailored to parents of children who consumed toxic baby food and later diagnosed with ADHD. This campaign is an example of how mid-campaign adjustments can help reduce overall ad costs.

Philips CPAP Breathing Device Recall Ad Campaign

The seven-month campaign resulted in:

  • 219 signed cases for our client
  • Created a campaign web page with a custom web form for pre-qualifying leads
  • A decrease in cost-per-case by 21% after a campaign restart
For this campaign, we crafted a unique campaign landing page and formulated a strong ad strategy for those injured by recalled Philips breathing devices. The campaign is a shining example of how campaigns can be paused and restarted in order to maximize the timing of the ads.

In 2022, Obu ran national & local advertising campaigns for a wide range of
groundbreaking legal issues, including:

  • Camp Lejeune Toxic Exposure Cases
  • VA Disability Denial Claims
  • Exactech Hip & Knee Implant Recalls
  • Tylenol & Autism
  • Pesticide Exposure & Cancer
  • Infant Formula Recall
  • Toxic Baby Food
  • Philips CPAP Recall
  • Clergy Abuse
Paid ad campaigns offer a high degree of control and management of your digital assets. You can focus on specific keywords and demographics, pause and restart ads, and reuse campaigns for later rounds of advertising. We can devise the best strategy for your law firm.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost for Lawyers?

“PPC” stands for “pay-per-click” so the overall spend of a campaign ultimately depends on the number of times the users click on your ads. As mentioned, you can pause campaigns and restart them according to your preferred budget.

The art and science of managing paid ad costs involves many factors:

  • Competition: Other law firms will also be bidding for ad space online
  • Keyword choice: More competitive keyword terms that rank well are more expensive; we aim for the sweet spot of keywords with high monthly search volume and low competition.
  • Fine-tuning: Managing an ad campaign requires knowledge of the ins and outs of how to adjust bid amounts, ad language, and other factors to maximize your return on
  • Conversion rate optimization: This involves changing details of the landing page, such as where the phone number appears or what the form says, in order to encourage prospects to contact your firm
  • Split testing: Split tests allow you to create different ad tests and change a few elements to see which ones perform better
  • Timing: As mentioned, the earlier you get in on a particular legal issue or case, the less competition there will be, and ads will be cheaper

We’ve seen firsthand that the longer you wait to engage your specific audience, the more expensive the campaign will be; on top of that, leads may be exhausted toward the end as more and more people sign up with other firms.

As such, we highly recommend that you reach out to us as soon as possible if you’re considering running a paid ad campaign. At Obu, we have years of experience crafting, adjusting, and optimizing paid media campaigns for lawyers and law firms. We leverage our experience and take out the guesswork so you can focus on lawyering

The most successful campaigns require time and testing to manage ad costs. A knowledgeable and capable marketing team will be able to make adjustments on the fly to maximize ad spend.

What Other Paid Ad Campaigns Are Available?

There are many other options for paid ad campaigns besides Google ads. Each of these has their advantages and can reach potential clients in different ways and through different channels. Other paid ad campaign options include:

  • Display Ads: These are ads that appear on the article, video, or website that a potential client is browsing, rather than in the Google search results. These can be more tailored and specific, since they are appearing in a place the reader is already browsing.
  • Social Media Ads: These are ads that are shown on channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. They can often be hyper-specific in terms of demographics. You can also “boost” a social post (pay money to have it shown more frequently).
  • Remarketing or Retargeting Ads: These show ads to people who have visited a website or signed up using a form. The benefit of retargeting is that it can reach people who are already showing interest in a particular issue or legal service.
  • Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP): These are unique ads that are shown in your prospect’s Gmail inbox. This has several benefits, such as increased trust, since most people trust the content in their emails more than on random websites.
  • Bing Ads: Bing is another search engine similar to Google. However, Bing focuses largely on voice search (it is the platform Siri runs on), so it can help you reach audiences who are performing their searches through voice search.

Paid ad campaigns work best when used in tandem with all your law firm’s digital assets. For instance, for maximum results, you may want to run a Google AdWords campaign in tandem with a social media ad campaign made with branded designs.

At the same time you launch your campaign, you could benefit from creating a blog post on the same topic as your ads. That way, when the potential client visits your website, they will see that you have authoritative content on the subject matter. Our team at Obu Interactive can advise you on the best channels to place your ads, depending on the type of case involved.

A Word On Social Media Ad Campaigns
Social media ads are quickly becoming a main source of leads and conversions for law firms. Many people spend their time online strictly visiting social media sites, even conducting searches for their needs through social apps.

In 2022, Obu Interactive experienced great success with the use of Facebook/Meta ads to drive traffic to sites and generate legal leads. These ads are targeted with laser precision to the right audience, short and to the point, and highly shareable for the readers. Contact us at (800) 619-5944 to see how social media ad campaigns can generate more revenue for your law firm.

Work With an Agency That Knows Paid Ads for Lawyers

Paid ad campaigns can yield awesome results, but they can also be complex and require much time and attention to manage. When it comes to your client leads, you want to entrust your campaigns with a legal marketing agency that has proven results in executing successful paid ad campaigns.

At Obu Interactive, we want to make sure that those who need legal services are able to connect with the lawyers who can best handle their cases. We are passionate about helping law firms succeed through quality ads and content. Contact us at (800) 619-5944 for a free consultation to review how a paid ads campaign can benefit your practice.

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