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Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular way for people to consume content. They’re the perfect match for the legal industry for several important reasons. Read about Obu’s Cases 4 Causes podcast, and how podcasting can benefit your practice.

Being featured as a guest on a legal podcast is an excellent way to reach new clients, establish your law firm brand, and let your voice be heard. As more and more people utilize podcasts, it becomes a reliable channel for legal discussion. At Obu Interactive, we have founded our own legal marketing podcast, Cases 4 Causes: Legal Marketing Podcast with a Purpose. Our aim behind the podcast is to connect good people with good lawyers, and to provide a platform where lawyers can authoritatively contribute discussion about their particular practice area. Our podcast covers a wide range of personal injury topics, ranging from vehicle accidents to mass torts, sexual assault, and other important community issues. Since its inception, we have featured a wide range of attorneys from diverse backgrounds and practice areas. If you are interested in being featured on our podcast, contact us at (800) 619-5944. We can review topics of discussion for you and prep you on how to make the most of your appearance. Read on to learn why podcasting is the future for legal marketing and the legal industry.

Cases 4 Causes Podcast

Obu Interactive’s Landon Harlan and Michael Turner tackle some of today’s most pressing legal marketing issues and speak to some of the top legal minds from all over the country.

Season 3

Season 2

Season 2

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Interested in Being a Guest on Cases 4 Causes?

Whether you have a story to tell or are looking to build brand awareness for your law firm, the Cases 4 Causes podcast is a great way to generate interest. Get in touch with us today to find out how to become a guest on our show!

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Obu Interactive’s “Cases 4 Causes (C4C) Podcast”: What’s in a Name?

At Obu, we decided to create our own legal marketing podcast as a way to provide attorneys with a totally unique forum where they can discuss what they do in a candid and open manner. We wanted a podcast that was different from the thousands of ones out there — one where listeners could really get a sense for the passion, commitment, and dedication that lawyers have for their craft. The Cases 4 Causes podcast will help:

  • Make a difference in people’s lives
  • Connect good people with good lawyers
  • Get people’s stories out there

So what’s in a name? Why did we choose “Cases 4 Causes?” Jeremy Lynch, Obu’s Technology Operations Manager, says, “I thought we could tell some really good stories, get people on the path to finding the attorneys that will join their cause. That’s why we have ‘cause’ in the podcast name you know? Make a difference in some people’s lives….It’s a good opportunity for us to get those stories out there and let people know that there are ways to do this right.”  For those with legal needs, Cases 4 Causes is an excellent way to hear lawyers talk about what they do in their own voice, and share their own personal stories and backgrounds about why they do what they do. For attorneys, the podcast is a place where they can let the world know their values, mission statements, and personal motivations for practicing law. 

“Basically, anyone who’s listening to it is going to get a unique perspective from someone who’s qualified…They deserve that. The maximum amount and as quickly as possible, which is I think what everybody wants. We will not work with a lawyer or a law firm that we would not hire to represent our own families. And that is something that we have stuck to, and we take a great amount of pride in it. It’s a little bit about me and what Obu is and who we are and what is one of our founding pillars, I think, to our core values.”
– Landon Harlan, CEO, Obu Interactive

As a Lawyer, What Are the Benefits of Being a Guest on Obu’s C4C Podcast?

You may be wondering what the benefits of appearing on our podcast might be. Overall, the benefits of appearing on our podcast are numerous, far-reaching, and long-lasting.  As a guest on Obu’s C4C podcast, you will gain the following advantages for your practice: 

  • Brand Exposure: Speaking on our podcast is a powerful way to get your name out into the online community, where potential clients are listening and weighing their choice of which lawyer to hire. 
  • Demonstrate Your Thought-Leadership: The question-and-answer format of our C4C podcast is perfect for showcasing your personal experience, captivating stories, and original insights in your specific practice area. It’s your time to shine.
  • Tell Your Origin Story and Mission Statement: The podcast gives you a space to tell why you started practicing, what types of cases move you, and what your aims are as a lawyer or law firm. People often base their selection of an attorney on personal factors like these.
  • Provide Practical Information: Podcast discussions can provide detailed information on specific issues in a highly nuanced way. When listeners come away with a sense of value from your discussion, they will remember your name and your law firm for future reference.  
  • Address Current Legal Issues: The fast turnaround time of podcast recordings allows you to address breaking news more quickly than other formats, such as waiting for a press release to be published. 
  • Let Your Speaking Voice Be Heard: Client prospects are often interested in the way their potential lawyer speaks and articulates. Podcasts allow you to communicate in ways that your written website cannot. Spoken recordings capture your inflections, tone of voice, and heartfelt intonations that communicate your passion on the subject.  
  • Reusable, Evergreen (Permanent) Content: Once you record a podcast episode, it is preserved for all time. It can then be reused and referenced in many other channels, such as your website, blog content, and social media. It can be chopped up and spliced to feature different parts of the recording for different purposes. 

Not only will you benefit, but readers will benefit from what you have to say and share. Only you can expound on your career experiences, and by participating in our podcast, you share a truly distinctive perspective with those who need it the most. Your words might be just what someone needs to hear after an accident or injury.  One feature of our podcast is that there is minimal involvement on your part. We will guide you through the equipment setup and technical preparations for the recording, so you can focus on what you will be speaking about. 

Why Are Lawyer Podcasts a Preferred Form of Content? 

Podcasts have experienced such explosive growth in the past years for several different reasons. It is these reasons that also make them a perfect fit for the legal industry: 

  • Mobility: Podcast users can listen anywhere at any time and while doing other things, such as driving, doing chores, and even surfing the internet. 
    • Digestible Content: Podcast episodes tend to be much shorter than textbooks, full movies, and other formats. This is perfect for legal topics that need to be broken down in an understandable way. 
    • Convenience: Not having to read is a major plus for many, and people have different preferences when it comes to learning (auditory vs. visual learning).  
  • Shareable Content: Podcast episodes and snippets can easily be shared by listeners and reposted in different formats and channels. 
  • Trending Format: Simply put, podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular format, and more and more people are consuming their content in podcast form. Participating in a podcast indicates that you are tech-savvy and able to “keep up with the times.”

In a world where so many people are turning to podcasts for daily information, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this rapidly-growing format for your practice.

Podcasting Statistics According to

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The number of podcast listeners in 2023
Why not reach out to the millions of people listening to podcasts? Contact Obu Interactive to be a part of our Cases 4 Causes Podcast.

How We Can Use Our Podcast

Our podcast forum can be used for a wide range of applications and topics, and the benefits for your practice are immeasurable. They are essentially a separate marketing channel for your brand besides the website, paid ads, social media, and other online spaces.  Some ways we can utilize our podcast include: 

  • Covering recent legal news: Cases 4 Causes is a great way to address landmark rulings, class action and mass tort announcements, freshly-passed legislation, approaching filing deadlines, and other breaking developments. 
  • Discussing thought-provoking topics: Discussions about legal ethics, marketing dos and don’ts, the future of the legal industry, and other hot-button topics work fantastic in a podcast setting, where you can break down multiple perspectives. 
  • Advocacy: As we all know, legal action is also one of the most powerful forms of advocacy on wide-reaching issues. Filing a lawsuit is one of the fastest ways to raise public awareness of legal concerns that affect our communities. Discussing these in our podcast provides even more education on important matters. 
  • Professional development: Whether you’re fresh from taking the bar exam or an established attorney, we can help you further your career, network with other professionals, and build your client base. Podcasting with Obu can help establish your name as a leader in your field. 
  • The law in pop culture: C4C is also a fitting place to discuss legal appearances in pop culture, such as new movies, Netflix series, and books. These informal sessions can be more uplifting and fun, and can do much to help combat stereotypes of how the legal field is portrayed.  

As you can see, our podcast format is highly versatile and is essentially a free space where you can discuss in a more engaging and direct way than you might be used to. Perhaps the biggest benefit of podcasting is putting a voice and personality to yourself other than what’s listed in your attorney bio and your website content

Top 5 Tips for Lawyers Speaking in a Podcast

Are you appearing in a podcast soon, or would you like to? Here are some tips for when you do:

  1. Be yourself: Just act and speak naturally. People come to the podcast to listen to you, not a different version of yourself. It’s ok to work off a loose outline, but the last thing you want to do is sound scripted or rehearsed.  
  2. Bring your “A” game: That being said, don’t be shy to bring your best points and angles, your strongest arguments, and your most meaningful appeals. This is your time to shine.
  3. Make an emotional connection: People will remember your heart and attitude towards a legal issue, not necessarily facts and dry legal concepts. This is especially true if the listener has just undergone a traumatic injury experience. 
  4. Consider your tone in light of the topic: Some podcast topics might welcome a more light-hearted tone; for others, a more serious, grounded discussion might be appropriate. Read the room and be mindful of your audience’s pain points. 
  5. Remember professional responsibility restrictions: Remember that, as a lawyer, you are bound by various ethics and professional responsibility standards. For instance, don’t make claims that can’t be substantiated, and avoid referencing potential competitors. 

Above all, embrace the format! People enjoy podcasts because they are an innovative way to hear people speak from the heart about a matter. Podcasting is a chance to humanize yourself and your law firm and let your audience know what you really stand for. It’s where you can tell the stories that people need to hear and will encourage them during the tough times they’re going through.   

Interested in Participating? Get in Touch With Us for More Details

At Obu Interactive, we’re excited for what the future holds in store for our organization and our new podcast. We would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to those who have helped build it and to those who have already participated and shared their stories with the world.  If you would like to join other attorneys like yourself who are interested in making a difference in our communities, contact us at (800) 619-5944. We can set up an appointment where we can discuss opportunities for you to share your valuable insights and stories through our podcast.

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