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Content Creation

It’s no surprise that the modern Internet user has found a best friend in the “back” button. With our attention spans short and our list of options long, a page must command our attention immediately or we’re outta there. The attention of the modern reader must be earned.

At Obu, we thrive on this challenge. You see, there is no such thing as cookie-cutter content at Obu – only content with a purpose. Good content informs and educates. It offers assistance by meeting the reader where the reader is. Good content makes a reader into a client.

From dog training to botched surgery lawsuits, Obu has produced ad copy, site content, landing pages and social media posts that do just that.

Why Bother?

We see it all the time – great businesses with crap content created without the effort and care it deserves. Content marketing should have never been about stuffing a page with keywords to please a search engine. While other companies have failed to adapt to the changing times, Obu hasn’t. We couldn’t be happier that search engines have evolved. Now it’s about having genuine, authentic, just-plain-old good content.

Research shows that over 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results when they search Google. We’re in that majority here at Obu.

Google’s algorithm for ranking sites refines its ability each day to distinguish content that is:

  • Genuine
  • Useful
  • Unique

If what you offer readers online doesn’t meet these criteria, why should they believe you can help them when they walk into your office?

Call Obu today if you want to offer your clients something they actually want to read.