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National Legal Marketing

Obtain Qualified Leads Through Advertising

Being involved in a litigation requires a firm to be retained by clients who have suffered real damages. Our nationwide marketing campaigns can help your firm retain a large caseload of clients within a matter of weeks. Unlike television or typical Internet campaigns, Obu’s in-house team conceptualizes and deploys a multi-website campaign within 5-8 business days targeting quality case leads, and our team remains in contact, analyzing lead quality while adjusting and tweaking the campaign to be sure it delivers a max ROI.

3 Key Differences

#1 The most qualified team. 90% of Obu’s staff is Google Certified.*

#2 No outsourcing. Our whole team is in-house so turn around is faster and performance is better.

#3 Unlike many of the new “legal marketing firms,” Obu does not demand referral fees.

*Obu Interactive employees are Google AdWords™ and/or Google Analytics™ certified.



“Bad internet marketing companies waste your time and money by forcing you to chase bad leads. Obu’s strategies create a high inquiry-to-case ratio while ensuring that volume remains consistent.”
Calvin “Cal” Warriner, III – Searcy, Denney, Scarola, Barnhart & Shipley
West Palm Beach, FL


“I’ve worked with Obu for several years and they are the best at getting me quality cases from the Internet.”
Jesse Ferrer – Ferrer Poirot, Wansbrough
Dallas, TX


“Obu is an internet marketing company you can trust. They always have your best intentions.”
C. Andrew Childers – Childers, Schlueter, Smith
Atlanta, GA

How we generate great cases in 8 steps

Empathy Mapping – Crawling inside your future client’s head to understand their confusion, pain and potential anger is paramount to success. Marketing to a 55-year old-female versus a 25-year-old female could not be more different. But what if the spouse, next of kin or a parent is the one contacting your firm? We take the time to understand these points to increase contacts and ensure the best quality.

Custom Content – Words are far more important to a 55-year-old versus a 25-year-old of any gender, and especially the well-educated. Most people have never hired a lawyer before and may be reluctant to sign up. Creating content that is outstandingly credible encourages and empowers readers to take the next step and contact the firm.

Design – Not just another “blue and white” design — you know an Obu design when you see it. Its balance of text and image texture comforts you to stay on the page while guiding your eyes to the relevant content and calls-to-action.

Asset Build – Once we blend data and art into a design, it is WordPress built to perform and change over the course of the campaign. Installed with SEO tools and analytics packages, this high-quality programming makes a campaign more agile to change, especially once the plagiarists come along. (And you know who you are).

Phones and Forms – Intuitive email forms and call intake scripts hold a new client’s attention, and through the use of select questions generate more leads per web visitor. These leads are then delivered by live call transfer or email immediately.

Analysis – Obu takes great pride in our analytical capabilities as we mine data by multiple metrics, including day, time, state and the multiple channels that leads arrive from, such as Google, Bing, Facebook and other sources.

Reporting – Detail leads reports are provided at the completion of your campaign, and, if you wish, we will readily create more frequent reports at no charge.

Renewal – What’s better than one home-run campaign? As a client, you have the first right of renewal to your campaign so we can continue to work together increasing your case load.

Ready to get started? Call us at 800-619-5944 or click here to use our form and we’ll call you back right away. Or if you want to know more…

As of May 2015 we have:

  • Deployed over 220 legal marketing campaigns;
  • managed over $12 million in digital advertising;
  • and generated 24,000+ high quality phone and email leads.

Fun Fact: Several of Obu’s leads have turned into “bellwether” cases, and we are consistently told our leads carry a higher value…and you may have heard that already.

Below are some of the most underutilized tactics that we straight up dominate:

  • We use retargeting ads to reach out again to site visitors.
  • We use a live chat feature to bring in leads.
  • We run ad campaigns on social media.
  • We build online communities based on the issues our clients specialize in, e.g. mesh injuries.
  • We build up our clients’ local presence with hyperlocal advertising.

Some might call our attention to the nuances of what we do an obsession. We invite you to get in touch with us and find out just how obsessed we are with being the best.