Landon Harlan

Growing up in a household of software, technology and law gave Landon a jump start in the digital marketplace. But there was a single event that taught him what the word “negligence” meant. A word like many who view Obu’s client’s websites, he did not know until it happened to his family.

In 1999, Landon’s grandmother, Fay, tripped over a light gray cable which was stretched across a dark sidewalk running from an electronics store into a parking lot and attached to a satellite dish. She fell, broke her hip, her wrist, and suffered a head injury. The resulting hospitalization for surgeries and hospital-acquired pneumonia ended her life shortly thereafter.

Before his grandmother’s incident, Landon began learning about the analytics and data side of digital marketing which was very much in its infancy during the late 90’s.  He married this fascination of data with an industry that may help thousands of people each day.

Today, Landon leads the business development and key strategic decisions which guide the company’s path to ensure Obu’s clients are busy helping those in need. He is often zig zagging the country to meet Obu’s clients and learn more about their firms in order to provide helpful insights.

Landon has presented at the American Association for Justice, 360 Advocacy, Mass Torts Made Perfect, the American Board of Trial Advocates, as well as local and state bar association meetings, and the Obu Interactive team has been chosen by several trail-blazing legal organizations to assist with their websites and digital needs.

A core belief Landon required by every team member at Obu:
“Never self-dismiss an idea. When shared with the team, we can take a partial idea and complete it together – that’s how we innovate.”

Landon lives in downtown San Diego, where he takes snap shots of Cliff, his Belgian Malinois and 5am running partner.