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Reputation Management

Your reputation was important long before the Internet came around. A solid reputation in your industry commands respect from your peers, and a strong reputation among clients can mean some great word-of-mouth advertising.

But “word-of-mouth” isn’t one person speaking to another person anymore. It’s one person speaking to the whole world on Yelp.

Online reviews can make or break your reputation with prospective clients. Don’t get scared, though. Stay cool. These reviews are a tremendous tool for consumers – and they can be a tremendous tool for you, too.

The Stats Speak For Themselves

  • 52% of people use online reviews when choosing local businesses
  • 72% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
Source: Search Engine Land

Specifically among those who read online reviews:

  • 90% said they are influenced by positive reviews
  • 87% said they are influenced by negative reviews
Source: Dimensional Research

What Can We Do?

You can’t simply delete a bad review. Neither can we. But you can adopt practices that encourage good reviews in the right places. And there are other (entirely ethical) ways that may be able to make a bad review go away.

It runs much deeper than Yelp. Google reviews are growing in popularity. Your industry probably has its own industry-specific directories where former clients can review you.

Building and maintaining a solid reputation online requires more than excelling at what you do. It requires an understanding of how consumers use the Internet and how their opinions are formed, swayed and changed.

That’s right up our alley.

So stop fretting about your reviews. Stick to what you do best – and leave it to Obu to do what we do best.