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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Looking for a dentist? An attorney? How about an auto repair shop, a plumber or a good place to take your date to dinner? We know where you probably head first.

Today, search engines like Google hold the quickest answers to our questions.

So ask yourself this: When a potential client goes looking for someone who does what you do, what do they find? Where do you fit into the picture? Would a basic Google search indicate that you are a top-tier provider of exactly what they need, or would you be lost in the mix?

At Obu, we do more than make sure you don’t get lost in the mix when prospective clients search the web. Our goal is to put you on top of the pile.

How Do We Do It?

Whether you already have a site or you’d like us to build one for you from scratch, it’s tough to overstate the importance of having a website optimized for search engine performance.

Proper SEO techniques will improve where your site appears within the “organic” rankings – the ones below the paid ads. These rankings are determined via a ridiculously complex, constantly changing algorithm designed to score a website’s relevancy to a user’s search terms.

What influences this ranking? The better question is: what doesn’t?

The words on your site influence your ranking. The number of links elsewhere on the web bringing readers to your site does, too, as well as the respectability (or lack thereof) of the sites directing traffic your way. Google continues to improve its ability to differentiate unique, legitimate websites that serve an actual purpose from those intended to mislead search engines.

 A Worthwhile Investment

SEO is a proven investment that influences, and is influenced by, other disciplines like content creation, social media and more. Our SEO strategies are tailored to your current and future needs, your market, your competition and your budget.

But the success of an SEO campaign is only as effective as the strategy and hard work of the company behind it. Obu has the results to prove that we’re that company.