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Social Media Management

It’s important. We can help.

Social media is online chatter about what people like, want, need, and of course, dislike. It is ubiquitous in American life, and offers a fresh and timely look about a person, organization, and even a law firm. Many brands and companies at first discounted its relevance and justification for investment. Those days are gone and now there are two important points to remember about social media:

1. What happens if your firm name is Googled? Likely, a social media account will appear directly below your firm site. It gets clicked and viewed. Often.

2. For years Google has claimed to include “social signals” into it’s ranking algorithm, and a 2014 study showed that 3 of 5 top ranking factors were from social media, including Facebook. This means if you have an SEO strategy, you need a social one as well.

Obu can help your firm manage all social media to make sure the firm appears relevant, qualified, and ready to be hired. People are often pleasantly surprised that professionals like yourself can be personable folks. Use this to your advantage. Obu can make sure it gets done right.

What’s next?

The world of social media is constantly changing. A network unknown today might be the premiere place to market your business online next year. This is exciting for geeks like us.

Here’s what it comes down to:

If you don’t make social media a priority, you’re going to miss out on more than Likes, Circles and retweets. You’re going to miss out on business.

Give Obu Interactive a call today so we can make sure that doesn’t happen.