Several attorneys asked me about the matter of having video on their websites.  My answer, “Do it.”

Many vendors* stress the matter of adding video to a law firm’s website.  As with all things internet, its a good idea to not be the last person in line.  The convenience of a web company’s seamless integration may come with a hefty price, but the value of convenience.  Keep this in mind as they are the ones who proclaim video is a must, but they are also selling it too.

The decision of which vendor to use is up to you, but here are a few tips about using video on your website.

1. Make the video high quality and use a professional.  Audiences only tolerate 10 seconds of crap footage if there an aviation disaster or NASCAR crash at the end.

2. Don’t have the video automatically start once the user opens your webpage. Its irritating, and the person could leave the site to make it stop…and maybe not return.

3. Take your time. In my opinion, video will never take over regular website content.  Don’t be afraid that it is going to totally dilute your search rankings, because it won’t.

4. If your local state bar permits a non-attorney to be on the website, consider using someone who is friendly on the eyes.  If an attorney from the firm must be on the website, consider who the spokesperson should be, not everyone was made for TV.

I’ll make this point.

“Bill Gates” returns about 8,400 videos on YouTube.

“Lindsay Lohan” returns 20,000+

“Barack Obama” returns over 40,000 (10,000 more than our current president)

Question, are you surprised that Bill Gates, a pioneer and legend in the computer world is featured in only a fraction on online videos? Have you ever seen him in a Microsoft commercial? NO.  Is he one of the most credible authorities on computer technology?  YES.  But he is not the “video-face” to represent Microsoft.

*Most vendors within the AAJ exhibit hall demonstrated that they offered quality video and are capable of delivering a great product. Refer to our Video page for additional tips on selecting a company.

Hope everyone had a great time in Philadelphia, travel home safe!

Landon Harlan

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