In January, 2010, Stephen Smith & The Brain Injury Law Center decided it was time to redesign their website. Obu Interactive won the project and recommended an additional investment in the future of the new site by devoting a budget to develop a strong web following through organic and paid search strategies.



Website development:
Project start date: January, 2010
Live date: May, 2010

Project dates: May, 2010 – Ongoing

Website Implementation

  1. Recommended site architecture
  2. Wireframes development
  3. Complete site redesign
  4. Programming
  5. Content integration
  6. Final site review


Organic rankings

  • Ten subject appropriate articles written and posted on site each month to continually add relevant and interesting content. This is not only in the best interest of the reader, but it also positively affects how search engines rank the site when producing search findings.
  • Built company Facebook page to drive additional traffic to website and cultivate a social media presence.
  • Developed “Free Helmets-4-Kids Program” to serve youth who are in need of a bicycle helmet. Disseminated press releases about the program resulting in a dramatic increase in back-links from reputable sources across the web.

Paid search

  • Ran complimentary paid search campaigns on major search engines to drive traffic to the site for subject specific needs.


  • Over the seven months since the site went live and Obu began marketing efforts, Google has increased the site’s page rank rating from 3 to 4 (an exponentially higher ranking) and the number of external back links have more than doubled from 400 to 824.
  • When running a Google search for the very topical & general term “brain injury” today, the link to appears just after the Wikipedia page on the subject, toward the top of the first page of results.
  • When comparing site traffic received in the first three months after pushing the new site live (May 5 – August 4, 2010), with the most recent three months (September 21-December 20, 2010), visits have grown by 73%.
  • The ingenuity of the Helmets-4-Kids Program is that it filled a genuine need. As a result, the web community responded by promoting it for free once they were aware of it. This investment created long-term increased web traffic at a relatively low price point. Had the same budget been put toward paid search alone, the traffic volume would have been much lower and very short-lived. Over 250 bicycle helmets have gone to children who otherwise could not have afforded one preventing countless possible future brain injuries.

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