Being from California, the challenge of getting from the East Village to Greenwich Village in New York City is easier said than done if the trip does not involve a Yellow Cab.  And as much as I want to rely on my Jedi navigation skills, I could end up a too far north in Chelsea or another neighborhood. Clearly, this is where Google Maps for walking could help many business travelers who prefer to walk through urban areas.

The example directions below are from Obu’s offices to The Oceanaire located in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego; two places we insist our friends and clients stop in for!   According to the map, its about a mile walk and should take around 22 mins.  A perfect distance for walking off one of Chef Brian Malarkey’s excellent seafood creations.


For most downtown areas, including the more confusing ones like Washington, D.C., or ones with a dearth of cabs like San Diego and Los Angeles, Google Maps for walking is a welcome addition and a testament to Google’s constant forward thinking.  It will be interesting to see how many utilize this service through mobile browsers, and perhaps how it will interface with GPS.  Soon enough we will never again be lost walking up and down streets and avenues!

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