Learn why Internet marketing should have your vote.

Politicians aren’t the only ones with the opportunity to win during this election season (well, half of them). Now is time to let Obu Interactive leverage the election buzz and use your advertising dollars to win you the most potential clients – with Internet marketing. If TiVo and other commercial-zapping programs haven’t already convinced you to switch from television advertising, the soaring cost of ad rates during the Olympics and the election season makes this advertising avenue less viable than ever. Obu’s Internet advertising is not devalued by seasons or events – in fact, we use them to produce even better results for you.

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Three out of four Novembers, the cost of your 15-second television ad may only waiver according to market demand. But during election year, state and national political candidates are vying for your airtime and receiving it at a wholesale rate. Although TV stations are required by law to discount airtime for political candidates, media buyers agree this increased demand means that you and other advertisers will pay much more for your spots, especially in political swing states.

Rather than competing with politicians’ advertising dollars, why not use the political season to your advantage?

For the second year in a row, the number of American households with access to TV has decreased, according to The Nielson Company. “Viewers need to get all of the content they want in the easiest way possible,” says Rob Arnette, founder and CEO of My Damn Channel.

The Internet presents countless opportunities for people to search for, connect with and discuss aspects of the political arena. Every major news media source has a website and most are involved in social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Recently, CNN announced a partnership with Facebook to create “America’s Choice 2012” a unique, interactive experience for online audiences. This includes the “I’m Voting” application – a platform from which Facebook users can endorse certain candidates.

Countless websites, discussion boards, social media channels and online news sources provide nearly limitless avenues for Americans to seek out political information. Elevated political interest increases the number of people and time spent online, and the marketing experts at Obu know how and where to place ads to capitalize on this traffic. Unlike television commercials, which reach whomever happens to tune in, our Internet ads can be targeted to a specific audience through the use of keywords. Lastly, it is easier to measure your return on investment (ROI) for Internet marketing, so that you know how well every dollar is performing.

Bottom line: now is the best time to untether your firm from overpriced television advertising and harness the power of Internet marketing. Utilize Obu’s online marketing services to maximize your budget, reach more potential clients and leave your competitors in the dust this election season.

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