Google ranks websites, right?

Not exactly.

Google ranks web PAGES. Google’s superiority over other search engines is its ability to drill down to the most specific and most related web page, not just the most related website.

Now you might be saying that the headline of “no one goes to the homepage” is untrue. And you’re right, but hear us out… Subpages are the interior pages of your website that have your service areas, products, executive biographies, or directions to the office. These pages often rank better than your homepage as they may have greater relevance to the search being made. Fact is, a significant portion of your visitors arrive on a subpage, and may never see your homepage.

Why is it important to understand this?

Because in online marketing you must fight to stand out from others EVERYWHERE. The web gives every one of us the ability to view three different websites from the same page of search results…and we can literally do it in 20 seconds or less.

This convenience for the user means that you need to not only standout on your homepage,
but also on your subpages. What is your unique point? Why are you better than the competition? Whatever it is, by leaving that crucial element off the interior pages, potential customers might not have that extra piece of information that tells them why they should do business with you.

Case in point: Patagonia’s strict quality standards have created a good following, but its also their commitment to enviromentalism that connects their customers to the brand. Patagonia knows their 1% program helps them stand out, and because of this you will find the logo and information on every page of the website. …and it’s a pretty cool website.

Take the time to post what makes you different below.  Let’s see how we can turn into something positive that potentially everyone would like to hear – and then let’s make sure it can be found on every page of your website.



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