Actually it was $4,343.

Then we bought Carmen for $15,659, and threw a goat at Jesse

Yes, a goat. It sounds silly, and it is, but millions of people aged 15-40 are doing it.

Welcome to Facebook…a.k.a. FB

In the rush of social media and web 2.0 unguided fever, some have become a bit ostentatious when valuing websites. FB Founder, Mark Zuckerberg says that he thinks that FB’s current value is $15 billion. (Its a nice round figure, and I won’t pay him a dollar more for it!) Actually that figure comes from a 1.6% $246Mil investment by Microsoft. And with Google’s exodus of engineers and top college recruits signing on over at FB, hopefully Zucks has some incredible new ideas. Zuckerberg is, after all, a pretty smart (albeit mischievous) kid in our book.

So here is what’s baking the noodle – how is FB going to make money from the millions of subscribers it has?

When people go to Craigslist, they are there to buy something. They don’t upload photos of their newborn nephew. eBay uses a different model, but a user of eBay generally accepts the fact that she could be logging on to buy something. Regardless of a product’s price, the site facilitates buying and selling.

But will the frequently self-absorbed “Generation Y”-ers (including yours truly) make purchases from Facebook? Take a look at most of the people that use FB or Myspace and its like online crack. Typically their profiles are so cluttered with pictures and applications that you can hardly navigate the page. Its a usability nightmare, particularly when it comes to MySpace. So the question remains, what will Facebook do to make money?

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