What is Obu Interactive

Obu Interactive is one of San Diego’s premier growing digital marketing agencies located downtown in the Gaslamp. The company nearly exclusively works with lawyers, however a few fun projects and pro bono ones have come along as well. The company was founded in 2008 by Wil Chang and Landon Harlan in a small office of only about 200 sq ft. Currently the office resides on the top floor of a historic brick building on 5th Avenue centrally located to Petco Park (1 block east), Omnia (1 block north), and The Hard Rock Hotel (1 block south).  Needless to say the office is a whole lot bigger now :).

WHY might you want to work for Obu and do legal marketing?

The personal reason: This is a big deal and is something everyone here shares as a commonality: standing up for the underdog. If you are the type to stick up for someone, to help encourage those who may be down on their luck, you are probably like us. Our clients represent those who have usually been hurt through no fault of their own. It could be from a dangerous birth control drug, a toxic spill in a nearby river, or a scary car accident. There are many of these “injustices” occurring everyday. While we can’t turn back time or fix all the pain, we help direct these people to professionals who can.

The professional development reason: Our job is to make our clients look the best for someone who may be searching for a lawyer online. To choose one of our clients where there are so many is the “conversion challenge”. Marketing a simple “want” vs. a “need,” as no one truly wants a lawyer — they need one, usually desperately. So why do they choose the lawyer whose site you marketed? Our clients are many of the leaders in Law, nominated as top women and men litigators from around the country. This makes for unique, challenging and rewarding work.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for someone to join our Sales crew and help us grow our brand. You will need to be adept at gathering data while also have a creative mindset to question what you are looking at, and have the confidence to say what you think. You must be driven and able to work both independently and on a team.

This is an ideal position for someone of any major, and especially for someone who may be considering law school in the future. Should you know for sure you want to work in the world of digital advertising and can’t wait for that first trip to SxSW, this position is an excellent resume builder for major agencies.

What You Will Do

  • Assist in the creation and delivery of Sales and Marketing e-mail campaigns and marketing materials
  • Assist with fulfillment of marketing offers, e.g. SEO and competitive analysis of prospective clients
  • Assist with preparation and logistics for trade shows and conferences
  • Perform marketing and sales activities to assist in prospecting/generating new business
  • Assist in compiling campaign/project reports to provide to clients
  • Compile and enter contact information into SalesForce, a CRM tool (training is provided)
  • Provide support to social media efforts as needed

$ Details

  • 20 hours a week
  • $11.50/hour

Interested? Email us at jobs@obuinteractive.com with the subject line “I’m the intern for you”. Following directions is important, so please include the following:

  1. A cover letter that tells us about you, things you like, and why you want to work here. Want to tell us about your favorite app, or song, go right ahead!
  2. Formal resume – We need to clearly see any work history and your education level
  3. PASTE all of this information into your email. You may also include it as an attachment, but if the information is not pasted for easy reference you will not be considered.

Thank you!

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