Here at Obu, we’re a good time. On the first Thursday of every month, we get out of the office and rent the VIP area at a restaurant or bar, where the 16 or so of us discuss our achievements in the past month. We recognize those on the team who kicked ass recently, openly thank our clients and raise many a toast. It is wonderful, and we have a great time.

Today, September 11th, we had a different group outing. Rather than wake up and listen to PBS or CNN rehash the tragic events on this date 12 years ago — which, I’ll just say it, we will “never forget” — a group of 14 came together to show respect. We ran up and down more than 110 flights of stairs, equal to a World Trade Center tower, in honor of those who lost their lives that day. This has been done across the nation to honor the emergency personnel who ran towards danger 12 years ago, running up those stairs to help those in need at great personal risk to themselves. More than 400 police officers and firefighters lost their lives in the attacks.

With shaky knees and dripping sweat by 7:30 a.m., this morning was another great bonding experience as each of us managed the stairs in our own way. Some paced steadily with good form, while others raced and pulled those knees as high as they could. With endorphins charged, stories exchanged and an uncountable number of “high fives” given, it was a great and positive way to remember a September 11th.

We all had a goal and we all pushed ourselves. We did it together. We do the same thing daily when it comes to our work in marketing, and it is why we constantly send the competition back the proverbial drawing board.

In grateful remembrance,

Landon & Team Obu

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