As consumers we often glaze over the benefits of a service or product even if it is something we clearly need. Consider the sandwich that helped an overweight guy named Jared lose 150lbs. Once the human element is added and a back story is created, many more people associate the sandwich with weight loss. The back-story is your company’s tale of success!!

The back-story can be fictional or true (necessary in Journalism), and the objective is to demonstrate how the products or services can be beneficial in a “real life” situation. The back-story is essentially supplementing the pitch of services.

An easy back-story millions can relate to is George Lucas’ Star Wars movies. Lucas wrote an extensive story to let the viewers know where all the characters came from, and how they achieved a position or rank. This also led to a significant influx of dorks both domestically and overseas. But that’s just an example of the power the story had! Given the subculture of Star Wars fans, Lucas may have created one of the greatest back stories ever.

We recommend that most professional service providers utilize back stories when discussing results they have achieved for a client. Whether a law firm, dentist, accountant, or interior decorator, get a back-story on the website. Don’t just bullet point your services, but also discuss how your services remedied a situation. Discuss the problem, how it occurred, and how YOU saved the day. Omit the details no one cares about! Now your benefits are tangible.

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