Perhaps we got your attention with that tag line…and hopefully you clicked in order see pictures of, well, not any of us. But there are two points to be made in the post:

Good content, like a strong tag line is critical to gaining clicks and attention; and two, people LOVE pictures on the web. Here is why:

1. By default, the internet is a visual medium – we are looking, viewing, watching, scanning, and reading everything on the web. Since there is nothing to touch, those pictures better be worth looking at.

2. Chances are the computer screen you are using has a better resolution than the TV you use at home. This means that pictures on your monitor actually look better! And most monitors are only getting a higher contrast ratio. The higher the contrast ratio, the better the colors and the deeper the blacks.

3. A picture will hold the user’s attention. The better the picture, the longer they may stay on your web page. Place important functions or call to actions near pictures (in addition to their standard placements) and those functions will be seen that much more frequently.

How to use better pictures without paying for them:

Go to With over 1 billion photos available, many associated with Creative Commons , there is sure to be something interesting to fit your page on “Hip Replacement,” “Miami Condo remodeling,” or “solar in schools.”

There are unknown talented photographers around the world that love to take pictures and share them for others to enjoy. Help them share, and don’t pay a penny.

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