Updated: March 1 , 2015 – Marketing falls into two traditional categories: Push & Pull. Push marketing, as it applies in the legal industry, would be TV commercials and billboards that appear claiming to defeat your DUI or recover money for an injury. Corporate firms also use push marketing with large advertisements in public areas, such as airport terminals.  On the internet, Push marketing can be found in banner ads and Paid search or “Sponsored Links,” which exist in major search engines.

Pull marketing is when the customer voluntarily pulls themselves to your business – always known as “inbound.” They come to you because you offer the credible information they desire.  Preeminent law firms who consider a website advertising in the sense of traditional marketing, now is the time to take note, because your potential clients are out there looking for best lawyers.

When a person goes online to conduct a search, they are looking for the most credible information available.  Your potential client is looking for experts on a topic of interest.  For every major city there seems to be the “Top 3” birth injury lawyers; the top 3 white-collar defense lawyers; the top 3 IP tech firms and so on.

A law firm’s advertising policy is erroneous as long as the money spent is invested into the website, and not paid out to online advertisements – then you’re back to Push marketing.  This isn’t bad because the difference from television or radio is that your ads are typically tailored to what the person is searching for anyways.  So if someone is searching for information on “DMV license suspension”, an ad for patent law shouldn’t appear.

If the light bulb has gone off and you consider yourself to be in the “Top 3” or want to get to be one of the Top 3, there are several methods to choose from to make your website more visible.

Below are examples of what firms have done to give back to persons online:

Example A – You have a DUI law practice.  If you are the best, then you would be able to sit down and educate the general person in 10 minutes on what they should do after a DUI, or how to avoid one altogether.  While you may say to yourself, “but that’s the attorney advice I’m hired for!”  No, it’s not, this the same free consultation you give when being interviewed by the client.

Example B – You’re firm helps establish corporations and LLCs for busy entrepreneurs.  Some of those entrepreneurs will be first time business owners.  Hook them to your website by offering simple tips and suggestions for the “new” business person.  The information already exists on other websites, and disclaimers will protect the firm as all material is “not to be considered legal advice.”  Add resources to the Employment Development Department, or the benefits of using a Certified Public Accountant. If uncomfortable with having this on you site, you can also link out to other sites which do provide the information.

Example C -You’ve witnessed the overwhelming devastation a family faces when their child is born with an unnatural birth injury.  The questions, the anger, and more importantly, what the future may hold.  This is your opportunity to show your skill and knowledge beyond the courtroom.  To introduce them to non-profit resources, support groups, specialists, and of course, their legal rights.

Accept that the internet is a web of connectedness and collaboration.  The tenets of web 2.0 and what the future will demand is more than just a well built website.  To be on top you will need to give back. For those of you who are the experts, this will be easier than it may sound.  Talk to your web consultant to discuss methods such as eBooks (online white papers), videos, and FAQ sections that will help differentiate your firm from the competition.

Good luck, and if you’re stuck or need a little direction, just call us up.  We’re glad to help and point anyone in the right direction.

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